Siobhan and Michael

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How We Met

Michael’s family and my family have been family friends for years, having been neighbors at our summer homes. Our family’s names have carried on for generations in our favorite place in the world, where we met! – A small peninsula on the east coast of Massachusetts called Little Neck. We lived four doors apart from each other, little did we know the whole time we were looking for the one we were right there on the same street as each other, in our happy place on the sea.y

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how they asked

Michael and I were going to our favorite restaurant in Ipswich for lunch when he took a wrong turn and brought me up to Cranes Castle to take a walk to the top of the hill that overlooks the Atlantic Ocean. When we got to the top, he looked at me, grabbed my hand and got on one knee and asked “Siobhán, will you marry me?” Of course I said yes! We had the ocean view on a cliff on our right and the Castle and rolling hills on our left. After I said yes both of our families were waiting at our cottages to celebrate with us! It was a dream come true!

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