Simran and Deep

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Dumbo, Brooklyn

How They Asked

Deep had told me that one of his cousins was having a house warming party, and everybody would be dressing up. This made me excited as I love dressing up, and knew just the perfect dress to wear. He had told me that everybody was meeting in Dumbo. Once I got to Dumbo, I met up with Deep. Deep told me I looked beautiful. I could tell he was nervous but I didn’t think anything of it, because I knew we were late! During our walk Deep started talking about how far we’ve come, and how Dumbo is a special location for us because that’s where we fell in love.

When I asked him where everybody was, he answered by “ I have something important to ask you”. I knew then and squeaked with excitement with what was going to happen next. Deep got down on one knee, and asked me to marry him!

I was overjoyed and completely shocked when the surprise proposal photographer came out! After the proposal our friends and family all greeted us! Deep planned the perfect proposal! It was magical!

Simran's Proposal in Dumbo, Brooklyn

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Dumbo, Brooklyn