Simonette and Juan

How We Met

The Matchmaker Our love story was the result of one of my dad’s cunning plans. He had a knack for being my undesignated matchmaker. One day, my dad invited his co-worker over to dinner. This was nothing new in our house as we were always hosting parties for strangers or long lost friends. My dad insisted that I stay for dinner, but unfortunately I had made other arrangements. As I was leaving, I met this very important co-worker. His name was Juan. We exchanged two quick words in my driveway and I went on my way not realizing what was really going on, thus ruining my dad’s scheme. Matchmaker: 0 – Simo: 1 The Ploy Anyone who knows my dad is aware that he is the most persistent person in the world. He will not accept striking again. Of course, he invited Juan over again for dinner…this time making sure that I RSVP ahead of time to confirm my attendance. Unknowingly, Juan had worked with my dad for 8 years prior to our meeting. My dad made it seem as if Juan did not have many friends and needed someone to show him around Miami. Being the gullible person I am, I was eager to show Juan all of the best places in Miami. After much conversation and many glasses of wine, I later came to find out that Juan had lived in Miami since the age of 2 and had plenty of friends. He even knew of the places I had showed him before hand. Nevertheless, I was very intrigued. Matchmaker: 1- Simo: 1 The Success What continued on as friends who brunched on Sundays, slowly developed into 6 months of genuine friendship (Yes, Juan was in the friend zone). It wasn’t until my mother’s 50th birthday shortly after, that there was finally a romantic spark between us. At last, the first kiss! From then on, we can fast forward to 4 years later, where we now have a beautiful apartment, a fur baby, and are happily engaged. Default Win for the matchmaker.

how they asked

On the fourth month, in the fourth year of our relationship, Juan (FINALLY) decided to propose during our Japan vacation. Clearly, four happens to be Juan’s favorite number, so it was meticulously scheduled. Of course, he planned to do it on the fourth day of our vacation…after my nails were chipped and when I had already given up doing my hair and makeup. Our proposal happened on the day we visited the gardens in Japan’s Imperial Palace. We spotted the most breathtaking cherry blossom tree. I just had to get a picture regardless of how many we had taken already. Juan asked an older (thankfully English speaking) couple to take a picture. As Juan was showing them how to use his phone, he also showed a text message that read, “I’m going to propose, please take lots of pictures”. As Juan stood next to me, he said, “let’s make this the best picture of the trip”. From there, Juan proceeded to get down on one knee leaving me speechless and in shock…so completely in shock that I replied with “NO! Are you serious!?!” I could not believe the moment I had waited for all my life was finally happening. Eventually after putting the ring on the wrong finger, and confusing the older couple with what they thought was a strange custom, I got the courage to say, “YES!” We continued this magical day walking on cloud9, getting lost aimlessly in this big unfamiliar place without a care in the world. We had no real direction or any plans, except living in the bliss of that very moment and the rest of the years to follow.

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