Simoli and Neel

How We Met

The way we met was very funny. It was one of the usual arranged setup that happens in India. However, it was slightly different than the so-called arranged marriage. My sister told me about her, when she saw her at her friend’s wedding in Ahmedabad, India. Arranged Marriage is defined as a type of marital union where the bride and groom are selected by a third party rather than by each other. The difference in our case that it more like a union established than selected by the third party. Usually in an arranged marriage, the parents are convinced first and its just left to the kids to decide whether they want to live their life together. In our case, it was the other way round where after meeting several times for almost 2 months, we had it in our heads that yes ‘He/She is the one’. The road to marriage wasn’t easy. I wouldn’t go in details but there were a lot of complications from getting the parents convinced to the astrological powers (highly believed in India). We both were in love by then and held our grounds. Finally, our parents got convinced and we got hitched in our own traditional way. It was all worth it.

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how they asked

So i have always been wanting to do something different when i had to propose the love of my life. I knew i had to do it on my own without the help of any event guy. From what i knew and from what her friends told me, i found out that my proposal should have these 3 things: 1) It has to be grand 2) It should be amongst her loved ones 3) The moment needs to captured. After a lot of thinking, I decided to propose from a place where you could see the entire city. The rooftop on my building was one of the highest point of the city and its most beautiful during sunset. I got all the things, equipments and gears needed for a cute dream proposal. This included ferry lights, candles, balloons, paper lanterns, glass lanterns, rose petals, lilies, fireworks, bouquet, white drapes etc . After getting all of these things, I wanted to build the whole set up on my own, which I did. Few close friends of mine helped me as well as i was running short of time (I had two hours to build the setup on the rooftop). Finally after everything was ready, I made up some story and asked her to come on the rooftop where i was waiting for her with my friends. She was surprised and taken aback from all that was happening. Finally it started to sink in, the moment she was waiting for her life, the moment she dreamt of her guy getting on the floor on one knee and listen to the golden words “Will you marry me?”. And yeah forgot to mention i got John Legend’s ‘All of me’ played in the back which totally syncronized at that moment.

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Special Thanks

Krunal Shah
 | Professional Photographer