Simi and Mel

How We Met

We got to know each other on a backpacking and canyoneering tip in Zion National Park in Southern Utah. Simi had agreed to go on a trip with a couple of his buddies, who unbeknownst to him had invited a couple ladies. Lucky for me, I was one of those gals! Our first day out consisted of navigating through the desert in search of a slot canyon called Fat Mans Misery. We came prepared with GPS, but nevertheless got lost several times. Eventually we made it out of the canyon after 19 hours of hiking. That didn’t stop us there! The next morning we set out for another slot canyon and three day backpacking trip. We were out in the Southern Utah desert in July, with temperatures exceeding 100 degrees. At one point our only source of water was dirty pot hole of standing water, which we filtered and used for the remainder of the trek. Our friends called the forest rangers twice during that trip thinking we were stranded. Luckily we got out before a search party was formed! Challenges on that adventure made it very memorable with lots of laughs! An everlasting friendship began between us on that trip.

How They Asked

Melinda and I spent most of our time dating in Huntington beach. It has become a special place in both our hearts. When I think of Huntington beach, I think of all the fun things we’ve done together. Swimming, chasing sunsets, beach cruiser rides, flying kites on windy days, lobster diving, ice-cream, and the list goes on… One of our favorite things to do is watch the sunsets together & walk the beach while catching up on each other’s day. When planning the proposal, I had in mind something grand like renting a piano and playing her favorite song (Claire De Lune) in front of a crowd. I even stole her sheet music to practice. But my sister-n-law gave me some great advice as she knows Melinda. She said “Mel doesn’t need a big production, do something simple and meaningful.” I took that advice: Wednesday Sept 19th I had just flown back from working in the bay area and woke up from an afternoon nap. I asked Mel if she’d want to walk to the beach and see the sunset, then get a bite to eat… very normal for us! Before going to the beach, I had coordinated to have Chrissy wait at life guard tower 7. Melinda and I took our normal loop; walked the Huntington Beach pier and then starting walking along the beachline. Chrissy was there at tower 7, taking photos of her husband and child whom she brought along as decoys! When Melinda and I got close to tower 7, I knelt down and said “I have a question for you.” She thought I was joking until she noticed Chrissy turn to camera on us… I asked her to start a life with me, to travel the world, and to continue our adventure together. I told her I love her because she has seen me at my best and worst and she still puts up with me. Mel cried (which she never does). She hugged me and said yes before I could get the ring box open… Was hard to do, but I surprised her!!

Special Thanks