Simge and Cagri

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How We Met

While surfing Facebook one day I saw a job offer from a know advertising agency from my city. They were looking for a copywriter. I was excited and quickly sent my cv there since I studied advertising as well. In fact my family owns company that does special events and weddings and I work as an event planner there. I wanted to give it a try since the position was about copywriting. Well, after 2 days Çağrı called me for an interview. He is a creative director in that advertisement agency. But I couldn’t answer it because I was asleep.

When I got up, I checked my mailbox and saw a mail from him. He said they wanted to meet with me and see my portfolio. He was so warm and polite starting from the first e-mail. I was so excited because of the new job opportunity and I went there the same day. When I saw him, my heart started to beat very quickly. I think, I was in love with him at first sight. Our interview took 2 hours. We talked about everything. But I couldn’t get the job. I didn’t understand why.

Then he confessed the truth. He said that he didn’t want to accept me for the job since he had other plans for me. Like taking me to his whole life instead of the agency. Short time after the job interview Çağrı added me on Facebook and sent me a message. He offered me riding a bicycle at the weekend. After that day we never left each other.

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how they asked

His wedding proposal took 2 months. Yes really! One day, we were eating lunch and talking. He suddenly handed me a painted white coin of foreign country. By the way he is a designer and he did a world trip with no money and no credit card. He just did his job and survived whole time. The front side of the coin wrote a number. On the back side wrote a letter. I couldn’t understand what it was? He continued to give the coins came from different countries and I was trying to figure out the meaning 2 months. By the way he also started to give me some tiny envelopes.

The envelopes included some drawing about our relationship and the most romantic sentences in the world. I couldn’t understand with all that, why he is doing this. Maybe it was a wedding proposal, maybe he just wanted to say love me like this. I couldn’t be sure because we were together for only 6 months. After 2 months, I understood the meaning of the coins. That means ‘’ I just wanted to be with you all the time and all the way of my life.’’ And I took 8 envelopes until that time.

A sunny bright Sunday, he took me from my house and we went to ‘’Gököz Natural Park’’ to have a coffee together. By the way I found ninth envelope in the car when we were on the road. Gököz Natural Park is our favorite place because it has a legendary nature and just simply peaceful. We love nature so much and our dreams always associated with nature. Well, we had started to drive quad bikes over here.

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After some minutes he stopped me and grabbed my hands. I didn’t understand that what was happening but I felt that a big surprise was coming. I saw a wooden tent after a few steps. I was shocked. It was looking awesome and so romantic. My favorite drinks and foods was there. I was feeling that I’m the luckiest woman in the world. We lay down there and started to listen some chill music. I asked him that ‘’What is happening here?’’

Then he suddenly gave me the last tiny envelope. The tenth one. My hands were shaking. I opened the last envelope and started to cry.

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Because he was asking me that ‘’Would you marry me?’’ Also he draw that moment on the picture. Of course I said yes!

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Special Thanks

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 | Photographer
İpek Çankaya
 | Photographer
Barış Yılmam
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Blue Nile
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