Sima and Terrence

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Colorado Springs, Colorado

How We Met

Terry and I met through a mutual friend! She knew we had similar personalities and were both huge Harry Potter fans. We met one night at one of my favorite restaurants and although our conversation flowed easily, I totally thought he wasn’t into me. He was tense and I saw it written all over him…he didn’t even kiss me at the end of our date! Turns out he was just shy and being a gentleman. We went on our second date and couldn’t get enough of each other. It was a wrap from that point on.

how they asked

A year ago Terry and I planned a 3-week road trip to Colorado from Connecticut. For weeks I had an inkling Terry was going to propose while we were there. I guess it’s just a woman’s intuition. Unfortunately, after only 5 days there we got sick and agreed to end our trip early. We ended up in the hospital with altitude sickness! A proposal was the last thing on my mind as our health was on the line. Little did I know he had the ring in his pocket that entire day. He knew we were going home the next morning and wasn’t going to leave Colorado without a fiancé. Once we were discharged from the hospital we went back to our to our Airbnb (which was beautiful by the way! We had a balcony overlooking the mountains!) Terry pulled me into his arms and told me he wanted to be with me forever. I cried for so long he had to ask me to marry him again because I hadn’t said yes yet! Our proposal wasn’t out of a storybook but, it was raw and real and intimate and it couldn’t have been more perfect or more us.