Silvina and Shane's Amazing Proposal at Big Sur

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How We Met

Let’s go back 11 years ago, to the summer of 2004 when two teenagers meet and their worlds would never be the same again.

I had decided to tag along and hangout with my older brother and his group of friends in a quest to see and spend time with my brother’s friend and my crush at that time. During that summer, it wasn’t unusual for the neighborhood teenagers and welcomed friends to hang out in front of my crush’s front yard after dark. Most of the boys would try out the newest skateboards tricks they had learned and the girls would hang out and watch.
One fateful night, as I meet up with the usual group of teens that congregated in our typical front yard spot I noticed several new faces in the group. But it was one particular face, one particular boy that caught my eye and subsequently my heart. It was Shane.

It was as if for those few seconds when I first saw him that my entire world stopped. Seconds felt like minutes and swarms of butterflies fluttered in my stomach. As dramatic as it sounds it’s the most accurate way I could describe the feeling I got when I first saw him. From that moment forward, I lost all interest in my old crush and quickly developed a deep infatuation with Shane.

Being the shy and timid girl that I was, I could barely make eye contact with Shane in the time period before we started dating. Every time he looked at me I melted into a pile of mush. We hung out together through our group of mutual friends and thanks to school being out and various hurricanes that hit Central Florida during that summer, we got to spend a lot of time together before we went back to high school.

Shane officially asked me to be his girlfriend several months after we first meet and the rest is history. We’ve been inseparable ever since.

how they asked

After more than 10 years of dating, I couldn’t wait any more. Marriage had evolved from “something we’re supposed to do” to “something I couldn’t go another day without.” Silvina had some health complications that resulted in a few scary ER visits. After being asked if I was her husband several times, I had enough. This woman is more than my girlfriend. She is my universe. I knew from that very moment that I had to fast-track my plans to propose to her.

I already had the engagement ring picked out by that point and immediately made plans to order it. I spent the next few weeks thinking through the details of my proposal to her. Where will I do it? How do I surprise her? How do I take all of these overflowing feelings of love and commitment and wrap it up into a few sentences? I planned and emailed and made phone calls for weeks until it was all perfect.

Fast-forward almost two months (Yes, I had to hold on to that ring for almost two months!), it’s 5am on Wednesday, July 29th. Silvina works stock market hours in the city has to be up long before most. As she went to the fridge to make her breakfast she found a list of instructions.

The instructions:

  1. Wake me up
  2. Open my phone
  3. Play Spotify (the song “Come Fly with Me” by Michael Buble was preloaded)
  4. Pack your bags
  5. Provide Philz Coffee Order
  6. Join me in a breakfast adventure
  7. Join me in a secret adventure after breakfast
  8. You don’t have to work today!

Unbeknownst to Silvina, her boss was in on it. I already requested the next three days off for her. We got up, had breakfast, and drove out to one of the most beautiful places in California, Carmel Valley. We spent the day at the Ranch, soaking up the sun and relaxing. Meanwhile, I was not relaxing, I was counting down. That night, at 6:30pm I would propose to her.

As we “got ready for dinner” I moved the ring from my bag to my jacket pocket. I moved it from my jacket pocket to my pants pocket. Back to my jacket pocket. I was afraid my pockets would all of a sudden grow holes and I’d lose the ring. We headed out for “dinner” and drove down the PCH, straight in to Big Sur. We were early so I did some maneuvering to throw her off. We weren’t headed for dinner. We were headed to what would be the most important place in my life so far. We were headed to a cliff overlooking Garrapata State Beach.

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As we arrived, I asked Silvina to take a walk with me. How she didn’t know what I was doing is beyond me. I thought for sure it was obvious by this point. As we walked down the trail and climbed on top of the cliff, I saw our two amazing photographers hiding ever-so-perfectly on both sides of where I would propose to Silvina.

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As we walked towards the edge of the cliff my heart began to race. Faster and faster. I had tunnel vision. “This is it. This is the moment I’ve been waiting my whole life for.” I pulled Silvina toward me, looked her in the eyes and began telling the most important speech of my life. Ok, I’ve said everything I have to say. I poured my feelings out in front of her. It’s time. I got down on one knee and said “For now, for always, forever. Will you marry me?”

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I didn’t even listen for an answer. Eventually she said YES :). We embraced and soaked in that moment. I’ll never forget the way she hugged me. After taking a few minutes for ourselves, I gave our photographers the thumbs up and turned Silvina around to see that everyone but her was in on the secret. We took some photos and began to climb down to the beach below. Laura and Rachel had a romantic picnic set up for us just steps away from our proposal spot. Silvina and I had wine, celebrated, and began to process the amazing experience we just shared. THAT was the best day of my life.

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