Silvina and Donovan

How We Met

I met Donovan through a mutual friend and after dating for almost 2 years, we knew we would eventually take the next step to get married one day.

How They Asked

Over Thanksgiving break, my parents came up to visit from Mexico and both families had made plans to have dinner altogether like we did the year before. Little did I know, Donovan had planned the entire day behind my back to arrange a surprise proposal so that my parents would be there.

Where to Propose in Fullerton Arboretum

He had made me a book “Why I Love You” and sat me down on a bench to read it. The last page read “Silvina, will you marry me?” I immediately began to cry as he dropped down to his knee (in tears) and I believe he said something cute but I don’t remember. All I wanted to scream was YES!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Fullerton Arboretum

As he gave me the ring, I hear applause thinking it was just people that had been standing there. I look up and see both our families walking toward us. He hired his family’s professional photographers to capture the moment and even gave us a full-on engagement photo shoot afterward.

Special Thanks

Fox & Raccoon
 | Photographer