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How We Met

A mutual friend had attempted to set us up in July 5 years ago. He was going to a party that my fiancee Chris was hosting, and told me I should join and meet his friend Chris because he felt that we would hit it off. I at the time, had been legally separated for about a year at that point, and wasn’t sure how I felt about a set up/dating so I bailed and went out with girlfriends instead that night. The next day I saw a Facebook message from Chris telling me how he was looking forward to meeting me, which caught me by surprise, and we chatted for a little bit and then nothing, I never heard from him again. Flash forward to September, I had finally decided to get back to the dating game and with the encouragement of my friends, signed up on a dating website. Low and behold a week later, Chris found me and reached out to me proposing a date. Our first date was interesting, we had absolutely n-o-t-h-i-n-g in common. He loved metal, video games, playing guitar and consumed a diet of hot dogs and mac&cheese, meanwhile I enjoyed dancing (especially salsa dancing), eating exotic foods, and shopping. With our different interests, the initial conversation was short, but as the night continued the conversation went pretty deep, and we talked the rest of the night about everything from California (where we both lived in 2006/2007, to ghosts & ghost stories, and our families.
Following our first date, things quickly went to all day texts, and conversations began. I worked until 12am, and Chris made efforts to see me in a moments notice, staying up with me until 2-3am before going to work at 7am. Poor guy never slept those first few months. Given my background, things went really, really slow, from occasional hanging out, and a lot of long conversations, Chris was super attentive, and respectful of my position, giving me the time I needed before I could commit to more than friends.

Things took a turn on November 3rd, when we officially went from friends with long conversations, to dating. From there, everything just fell into place for the next 5 years.

how they asked

One of my dreams was to be able to go to Paris & Barcelona. We booked a trip to Paris & Barcelona with my best friend and her husband, celebrating our anniversary’s. Hers in August ours in November.

The day we arrived was quite the experience. We flew all night into London, had a delayed flight to Paris. It was a rainy afternoon when we arrived, our phones were at 1%, and we struggled to find our AirB&B as the address was different than what we were given. Our uber driver didn’t speak English, and struggled to find the new address and eventually gave up and pointed around & kicked us out of the uber! Luckily we were only a few minutes away, and walked the rest of the way with our suitcases. Once we arrived our phones officially died – talk about timing. We made it to the apartment, and were in awe. The space was beautiful, and the balcony view was straight out of a book.

The excitement kicked in, and Jet lag disappeared when we saw the view. We showered, got ready and made plans to have dinner in the Latin Quarter at a bistro named Le Petit Chatelet. (Super delish btw!) and planned to walk around and see Notre Dame at night.

Before we left my friend suggested we take pictures on the balcony. As we were finishing up, Chris turned around and said we had 1 last picture to take, and right then and there, asked me to marry him.

I was so surprised, all I could say was “Are you serious right now?” over and over and I started to cry. We started our trip off with a bang, and made amazing, romantic memories in Paris, and Barcelona.

The ring, he designed himself, based off what I kept pinning on my Pinterest boards. Smart guy.

We get married November 3rd, 2019, on the date that everything changed.

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