Silver and Dennis

Marriage Proposal Ideas in New York, New York

How We Met

I met Dennis at a mutual friend’s birthday party, which was at the basement of a busy club in New York City. He asked me for my name, to which I kept replying “I’m Silver!”. He asked me around 5-6 times. Turns out, he kept thinking I was saying “I’m Sober!” and was confused. Soon after, we went on a few dates and here we are!

Wedding Proposal Ideas in New York, New York

How They Asked

When I saw Dennis playing ‘All I Ask of You’ from our favorite Broadway show, The Phantom of the Opera, I was BLOWN away. It was my first time seeing him play the piano! I smiled and cried the whole way through… Once he was done, he read a letter he had written for me, got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. It was the easiest YES of my life!

The proposal happened to overlap with the very beginning of COVID-19. My fiancé was freaking out and not sure whether it was the right time, But our family and friends encouraged him that we all needed some good news. We took all the proper precautions and safely concluded our proposal.

Now, Dennis and I are staying home together and glad we are able to share this news with everyone. Our proposal will forever be a silver lining of this frightening time.

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