Silva and Pogos | A Proposal in "Their Park"

How we met: We met on October 28, 2011 at my university’s fundraiser which we were both not planning on attending. After making eye contact and engaging in small talk, we realized an hour of numerous conversations had passed by and we had not even exchanged names. We both parted ways that night, me not knowing his name, and him not possessing my number. Through a mutual friend, he found the means of contacting me and we spoke night and day ever since. Our conversations always flowed and we never felt a dull moment when in each others presence. All our dates have been adventurous and memorable, and he has always found a way to win my heart and sweep me off my feet. He is the man of my dreams, and I hope to never wake up.

how they asked: I have to take you back… to our first date. I wanted it to be low key, without having my dad walk out of the house to meet him or have my mom screen a background check before I, myself, learned of who he was. (*Disclaimer*: not that my parents would do that, but I figured some humor in my story would be tasteful). He agreed and chose a location to meet up and head out from. That location was 5 miles in between both of our houses; North Weddington Park in Studio City and North Hollywood, California.

Ever since that first date, this park has been “our park”; our study sessions, relationship discussions, our walks, talks and first kiss took place at this park. With its beautiful crisp clean air and random willow trees here and there, it’s no doubt it would be my favorite.

This park is where he decided to propose. Since the first day we met, we have been celebrating the 28th of each month, to the point where a proposal on that date would be predictable. So an over-analytical individual, such as myself, would have assumed he wouldn’t choose that date, making the entire process a surprise. Being an insurance agent, he let me know that he had an appointment with a customer near the area and asked me to meet him at the park so we can spend the evening together celebrating our 29 month anniversary. He usually would pick me up but suggested I go there myself so that we don’t waste time, or else we may miss the sunset. He pays attention to detail, so I had no reason to question his plan. I left my doctor’s appointment and drove to the park. I spotted his car, and saw him standing under my favorite willow tree. As I began to approach him, I heard Bruno Mars’ “Marry You” song start playing. He hugged me and I knew that this was it.

He walked behind the tree and pulled out poster cards that would help do the speaking for him. The song still echoing, he attempted to recite his feelings which he had hand painted on large foam poster boards but my laughing and giggle-crying distracted him, so I applaud him for taking the extra effort in making his thoughts visual. At the last poster board, he leaned down onto one knee and presented me with the rock he chose and had created into a setting of his taste. In pure joy I stuck out both hands not knowing which ring finger it goes on. He looked up at me and said “Is that a ‘yes’?” I cheered, nodded and replied “YES!”

We hugged and kissed and I instantly began looking around me and asked “Can we take a picture?”…He told me not to worry about that so I assumed, being one step ahead of me, he probably had a photographer hidden in a bush somewhere; and I was right! A week later he surprised me with a DVD of our proposal pictures, shot from two different angles. I could not be more pleased with the fact that I had my most memorable moment photographed to be shared with all our family and friends!