Siesta Key Beach Proposal

The Proposal: Lauren woke up on Friday and found a rose with the date that we first met tied to it. Lauren waited anxiously for Michael to get off work because she knew that Michael had another exciting date planned. She loves dates with Michael. Michael left work early so that he could pick up the ring because the jeweler had just finished Michael’s custom design that day. Then he rushed to pick up Lauren for their dinner reservations at the Ritz beach club in Sarasota.


There was a bad accident and they were stuck in traffic. Michael was very angry and Lauren didn’t understand. She wasn’t used to seeing Michael like that. She suggested that they go elsewhere but Michael adamantly refused. Lauren didn’t understand but she could tell that it was important to him so she didn’t say anything more.

Little did she know, Michael had already sent his “proposal fairies” ahead to start preparing the night. He had booked a hotel at the Ritz-Carlton for Lauren and the fairies had already dropped off a second rose. Lauren went in to drop off her bags and she was given the second rose. This one had the date of what Lauren called their first date.


Then they went to dinner and there was already a third rose on the table that had the date when Michael first told her that he loved her. Dinner had already been ordered ahead of time and Lauren had scallops (her favorite food) even though they weren’t on the menu. Points for Michael! Lauren was too full for dessert so they walked out on the beach and stumbled upon a candlelight picnic with rose petals and champagne on the beach. And dessert.


This blanket had the fourth rose which had the date of the first time Michael brought Lauren to Siesta Key – her favorite beach!! After having a glass of champagne, we went for another walk.

Randomly, Lauren asked Michael to sing her a song, but instead he told her a romantic poem. After Michael fumbled through the romantic poem and caught his breath, Lauren stumbled upon another rose in the sand… The Final Rose! She picked it up and read the note attached to it which had that days date on it and said “Forever”


The last line in Michael’s poem, he got on his knee (right at sunset) and asked Lauren to marry him. After she saw the ring, SHE SAID YES! Then out popped all of the hidden proposal ferries who captured the moment on picture and video. And it was the best proposal in the history of the world!!



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Photos by Horn Photography and Design