Sierra and Nick

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Disney World- Magic Kingdom

How We Met

Nick and I met through a mutual friend. She had been telling us for quite some time that we needed to meet. Finally, the day before my nineteenth birthday, we met. There was an instant connection! We ended up staying awake until ten o’clock in the morning just talking and getting to know one another. That morning Nick went home and told his dad that he found the girl of his dreams. Over the next few months, we grew closer and closer. Due to us living three hours apart, we first became best friends. We would stay up all night talking on the phone and would text each other throughout the day. Whenever I would come back home on the occasional weekend we would hangout. When my grandpa passed away, Nick was there for me like no one else was. I came home from college for Winter Break and we spent every moment together. When I went back to school in early January, Nick visited me after just 4 days. He asked me to be his girlfriend and I gladly said yes. We have been happily together for almost four years.

how they asked

I am a HUGE Disney lover. When we went to Disney World last year, I was like a 4-year-old on a diet of Pixie Sticks. My absolute favorite part of The Magic Kingdom is their fireworks display. But due to an unfortunate miscommunication… we missed the fireworks. I was so distraught. Nick had to carry me out of the park I was crying so hard. I’m sure there are still families that remember the grown adult bawling on the ferry because she missed the fireworks display. This year, we went back to Magic Kingdom. I was even more excited this time to see their new fireworks show, “Happily Ever After”. When it came for the Festival of Fantasy Parade, Nick disappeared to talk to a cast member about “his app not working.” I should have noticed he was gone for half of an hour, but I was too swept up in the Disney Magic.

Sierra's Proposal in Disney World- Magic Kingdom

Later in the afternoon, it started storming: pouring rain, thunder, and lightening everywhere. Nick had bought us an umbrella for us to eat our hot dog dinner under. He said the umbrella wasn’t working and wanted to get a refund. When he returned, he still had the umbrella and said he ran into an “old lady” and she gave him her VIP tickets to the fireworks show. I was so excited! We went to the VIP area and got a perfect view right in front of the castle. We had our rain ponchos were ready to bear the rain. However, mother nature had another idea. It continued to storm. The thunder and lightning grew closer and closer. The fireworks were postponed for over an hour. I was so worried I would miss the fireworks for another year. Then right as a big clash of thunder sounded, the show began. I was in awe of all of the amazing fireworks and the displays on the castle.

Nick kept turning around and looking behind him but I thought he was just being easily distracted (ends up, he was checking to make sure the photographer was behind him). About halfway through the show Nick took off his poncho and Olaf from Frozen came on the loud speaker and said, “Some people are worth melting for.” That’s when Nick got down on his knee and asked me to marry him. Between the castle, fireworks, rain, and my real-life Prince Charming, I couldn’t have dreamed of a more magical proposal.

We couldn’t be more excited for our “Happily Ever After”!