Sierra and Michael

Engagement Proposal Ideas in BLVD (817 W Lake St, Chicago, IL 60607)

How We Met

Mike and I met 2.5 years ago at a happy hour in Chicago. He arrived with a mutual friend and I learned after the fact how he attempted to get my attention all night. Admittedly, I was a bit distracted because that night Beyonce released a new song – it was very important to me to have an impromptu dance session with my girls lol.

Nevertheless, at some point during the night our mutual friend approached me and said someone wanted to me. Soon after Mike made his way toward me (he was so handsome OMG). Now, I don’t know if it was Beyonce or liquid courage but when he walked up to me I gently touched the side of his face and smiled. It was forever from that point on. :)

how they asked

What started off as just another birthday celebration, turned into an experience I will treasure for the rest of my life. Birthdays in our relationship are very competitive. Who can plan the best birthday? The bragging rights are worth it. So, for my 29th birthday, Mike decided to throw me a birthday dinner at a surprise location. About three days before the dinner he decided on a 20’s theme in honor of me holding on to my 20’s with a death grip.

Fast forward – the day before my birthday dinner, Mike had to attend a conference in Miami. So one of my best friends flew in town to help me prepare a few days early. She and I hung out the night before and on the day of, spending the entire day doing stuff like shopping and preparing for the dinner.

Funny, she begged me to get my nails done the day of. She had to convince me because everyone knows I hate being late and I just knew that the nail salon would take up too much time. Needless to say, she convinced me and I’m glad she did because IF my nails were the least bit from immaculate in the pictures I would have never forgiven her. Maybe after the wedding… That’s a good friend! Ok, back to the proposal.

So after we got our nails done we met Mike at the house and started to get ready. In Mike’s defense – I should have picked up on a few of his nervous cues. First, he randomly suggested we take shots at the house before dinner. Secondly, as we were leaving he “accidentally” dropped an entire bottle of champagne. In hindsight, these were clear indications that something was making him anxious. Nevertheless – I didn’t think anything of it or pick up on anything.

When we arrived at the surprise location, the venue was AMAZING. I felt like I was walking into a beautiful fairytale. There was an unforgettable spiral staircase leading up to the dinner area. The dinner included about 15 of some of my closest friends and we had the greatest time. The food was delicious and the staff was extremely nice. Towards the end of the night, all of my guests went around the table and said things they appreciated about me.

Naturally, Mike went last and gave the most heartfelt and loving speech. At that time, I had no idea he was planning to propose but during his speech, my heart started to speed up and I was holding my breath. His words were so loving and powerful, I thought to myself “maybe this is about to happen.” With much anticipation, I held on to every word. BUT IT DIDN’T happen. lol, Mike ended his speech and then proceeded to say, “OK I’m going downstairs to get the car.” I literally couldn’t believe it. It’s not like I expected it, but why give this speech and build me up like that? Let’s just say I was a little disappointed when he left the table. Little did I know it was a part of his master plan to ensure a successful surprise! So as Mike went to “get the car” I stayed upstairs and took pictures with my friends in our 1920’s outfits. Afterward, we proceeded to walk to the corner of the room towards the staircase. That’s when the real magic happened.

Sierra's Proposal in BLVD (817 W Lake St, Chicago, IL 60607)

The moment I reached the top of the staircase- the Earth stood still. All I saw was Mike on his knee at the bottom of the staircase with flashing lights and cameras behind him. Now, it only took me a millisecond to digest what was happening. Before I knew it, I and all of my 4-inch heels took off like Usain Bolt to meet my man! Now if you know me you know I’m super clumsy. In retrospect, I would like to think God himself glided me down the steps because that scenario any other time would have ended up with me tumbling. But not this time ;)

Back to the story – when I reached the bottom of the steps I failed to notice I was not breathing until of course, I started to hyperventilate. But not even oxygen or lack thereof, could keep me from saying the word “YES.” It rolled out my mouth the moment I reached the bottom of the staircase.

It’s important to note that in my haste to say “yes” I didn’t notice that Mike had not said a single word. In other words, I literally said yes before he could get a word out (no worries I had him ask later in the car so I could hear what it sounded like.)

Mike then rose up from his knee and embraced me ( I assume at this time he wiggled the ring box from his pocket). When he let go he opened the ring box and I swear it felt like I was in Wakanda experiencing an infinity stone. The ring was so perfect and beautiful. Exactly what I wanted and made just for me. Now, by this time I’m just overwhelmed with happiness. But it didn’t stop there – remember all the cameras and lights behind Mike? Well, after he put the ring on my finger those cameras and lights started to come down and I realized people were behind him. About 50 family members and closest friends had traveled near and far to surprise me and witness this moment! I had no clue they were all gathered downstairs during my birthday dinner. Turns out the last 3 months, Mike was planning a surprise engagement AND birthday dinner (he managed to get people from all over the country here without me even knowing). I was so overjoyed I had a panic attack. No worries, we had 3 doctors and a nurse present so I survived.

In summation, it was beautiful, amusing and over the top. Just like our love – PERFECT! I can not wait to spend the rest of my life with Michael Davis and become Mrs. Davis forever!

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