Sierra and Justin

how we met

Justin and I met during a St. Patrick’s Day festival in 2014. I teased him about his ridiculous outfit and his horrible March Madness Bracket. That night we shared a lot of laughs and a few drinks and then went our separate ways at the end of the night. I woke up the next morning being so disappointed that I never asked for his phone number! The very next weekend, as fate would have it, I happened to run into him again, this time at the end of the evening we exchanged numbers, and started seeing each other whenever we could. I was finishing up my 1st year of graduate school at VCU and Justin had just started working as a farrier. He was traveling a lot during those first 2 years, but we would see each other whenever he was back in Richmond between traveling to Florida and New York. Once Justin was back in Richmond on a more permanent basis we started seriously dating, and have been inseparable ever since!

how they asked

It was the day before my 28th birthday. We had dinner plans the following night with friends, and then the night after that with family. I also had family and friends coming to town that weekend too, so I was busy trying to get our house ready for the weekend. Justin asked me if I wanted to take our dogs to the dog park and then meet up with some friends to watch the Monday night football game. I REALLY did not want to go. I had so much to do, and we had plans pretty much every night for the rest of the week. I said I would think about it and we would talk once he got home from work. Once he gets home he asks again about going to the dog park. I tell him that I really didn’t want to go, we had a lot to do, I was so stressed out I actually started to cry!! He cheers me up and then guilts me into going by saying that this was going to be the last nice day of the fall (it was about 70 degrees!!) and that I wouldn’t be a good dog mom if we didn’t take the dogs to the park! I reluctantly get in the car and we head to the dog park. Once we get to the dog park, Justin hops out of the car and starts walking towards the Carillon. I was really confused, because the dog park was the other direction, but he says he wants to go watch a soccer game that was happening on the lawn in front of the Carillon, so I follow behind him. I’m watching the soccer game and realize one of the soccer moms (or who I thought was a soccer mom!!) stood up from her chair with a camera and was pointing it in our direction! I turn around and Justin is down on one knee with our dogs on either side of him, asking me to spend the rest of my life with him. I was crying and said “yes of course!” I was SO shocked and SO surprised. The ring was amazing, the location was amazing (one of my favorite spots in Richmond!), he had our dogs there, and he had hired a professional photographer to capture it all! It was the best birthday present I could have ever asked for.

Special Thanks

The Carillon at Byrd Park
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