Sierra and Jonah

How We Met

Well, our story started in sixth grade. I literally had the biggest crush on Jonah and like all typical stories he had no idea who I was. Finally, in the eighth grade, we were invited to the same swim party. Later that night, everyone gathered around to watch a scary movie, The Collector. I chose to sit in the kitchen as I am a total wimp and was not wanting to participate in the movie watching. Jonah came over and asked if I would watch the movie with me and he wrapped his arms around me making me feel safe. Three days later he came over for a water balloon fight and asked me to be his girlfriend. Our first date consisted of thrift shopping for Star Wars folders and running around in capes. We sat on my bed and sang Bohemian Rhapsody for what felt like forever.

Where to Propose in Hawaii

We were young and awkward but that was what made our relationship fun. Our first kiss happened behind his mom’s car after a long day at six flags. Following this came every single homecoming and prom. Jonah always thought of the most wonderful ways to ask me to each thing even though he knew it was a for sure yes. That meant I knew our proposal someday would be hard to top!

On the outside we had the normal High School life, he played baseball and I was a cheerleader. But Jonah was so much more than that to me. I knew he was my person when he supported me through the hard things. The mess and junk that was hidden away at home. He never left my side.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Hawaii

College led to new adventures for both of us and of course this meant distance. Jonah pursued school at home and I moved off to Florida to participate in the Disney College Program. We had been together for four years at this point and I was petrified to leave him, literally sick to my stomach. But he was so supportive and it was so good for us. Not only was this the most beneficial thing for our relationship it was so great for us as individuals as well. We were able to grow and know that we could stand on our own, but the distance showed that we were better together.

Three years later, after Jonah had also fallen in love with the Walt Disney Company the both of us moved out to Florida to make magic for the mouse. The Magic Kingdom became our playground and we no longer had to be apart. Dates were now filled with Haunted Mansion and Fantsamic.

For the last eight years, Jonah has pushed me to pursue my dreams and he has never stopped believing in me. When I’m with him I know that anything is possible.

How They Asked

Well since we love Disney, the two of us decided to hop on a plane to Hawaii to spend a few days at Aulani. Jonah went to grab a few drinks as I sat on the beach watching an engagement photo shoot happen near-by. When he came back, he had no drinks in hand and I was instantly confused. He took my hand and walked me to the water asking if I wanted to take a photo. Of course, I said sure! Then he said, “Okay love, now I am going to hold your hand and you look out at the water. He took a video and when I turned around there he was on one knee asking me to be his wife. Honestly, I didn’t believe him at first as he has often joked with me in what seems like perfect moments by pretending to get on one knee. So I said, “Babe, get up.” But this time it was real! I instantly started ugly crying as he told me how much he loved me and I pretty much blacked out the second I saw the Tiffany blue box. Since we started dating I had always joked with Jonah saying that if it wasn’t Tiffany it wasn’t happening. Once I realized we were young and broke I changed the saying to the fact that as long as he had the Tiffany box I’d be fine and we could just pretend it was the real thing, even if it came from Walmart. But low and behold he did it. He made all my dreams come true with Hawaii, Aulani, the Tiffany ring and everything. It was such a sweet and intimate moment. No flashy cameras or videos. Just the two of us letting each other know how much we love one another. So freaking perfect in my book.