Sierra and Jake

Engagement Proposal Ideas in In his parents backyard...where we met!

How We Met

We always get a little laugh when people ask us how we met….it’s quite an interesting story! Jake and I actually went to middle school and high school together in California. He was a grade older then me, I knew who he was but I don’t remember every having a conversation with him! About a year ago my best friend was taking a trip to Austin, Texas to visit her then boyfriends (now fiancé!) family. Spur of the moment I decided to go with her! I had never been to Austin before! We were supposed to stay with her boyfriends family who had moved to Austin a few years before and we’re from California as well. I knew of them since I had gone to school with their kids. Ahead of time I knew that Jake would be there, he had just graduated from college and moved to Austin to be close to his family. I didn’t really think anything of it, I was too excited for my trip with my girlfriend. As soon as I got there I immediately fell in love with the town and was very interested in this guy I had gone to high school with but never really knew! We ended up hanging out my whole entire trip and totally hit it off! I ended up visiting every couple of months and moving to Austin shortly after. Jake and I have been together ever since. I can’t believe the guy I went to school with for so long but never knew ended up being the man I would fall in love with halfway across the country. Life’s crazy!

how they asked

Jake and I live in Austin’s Hill Country, in a charming little town called Dripping Springs. We met at his parents’ house and even still spend a lot of time there, it’s the place we fell in love and it’s very special to us. His parents’ house sits on a couple acres of land and is nestled around massive beautiful oak trees. It’s my favorite place. I thought I was going to dinner with Jakes family to celebrate his birthday. Jake told me to arrive at his parents’ house early so we could all hang out and have drinks and appetizers together, I didn’t really think anything of it. When I got to the house there was nobody there except Jake.

Where to Propose in In his parents backyard...where we met!

He told me drinks and appetizers were out back and took my hand and led me to the backyard. As soon as I walked outside I saw a chandelier with candles hanging from one of the trees, two chairs, a notebook, flowers and a bottle of champagne! Jake read me a sweet note and then got down on one knee and asked me to spend forever with him! I said YES! Both of our families came running out, I was so surprised! Best day ever!!!!