Sierra and Jake

How We Met

They always say “you’ll never marry a man you met in a bar,” well whoever they are, they are wrong. One night I went out with my girlfriend and there was this guy that I wanted to dance with (Jake). I think I made the first move, but he will tell you it was all him. We ended up dancing and went and got a drink at the bar. After that exchanged our numbers and went our separate ways. I really thought I was never going to hear from him again but I was so wrong. He texted me that next night asking to take me on a date and really the rest is history.

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Proposal Ideas At home

How They Asked

Jake and I met about 4 years ago while we were both out with friends. We exchanged numbers and I honestly thought I’d never heard from him again, but that next night he texted me asking if he could take me on a date that weekend. We went out and about 6 months later ended up moving in with each other. I knew from the beginning that I was going to marry him, we have the same vision and dreams.

We share a lot of the same goals and I knew he was one I couldn’t let go. About a year after we started dating we started looking for houses, then decided we wanted to build our dream home. So after a long search, we found the perfect land for sale to build our home on. About 8 months later we started building our dream home, just us and our families. We made everything the way we wanted and put everything we had into this home. Its been about 2 years since we’ve finished our home and moved in.

Now the Saturday after thanksgiving is Jakes favorite day of the year (and I should have known) but that day for the past 4 years is when we decorate for Christmas and get our tree. Well, this year we decorated and hung lights outside and Jake told me and our pup Lola to come with him to look at the lights.

While we were looking at the home that we built all on our own and seeing our dreams come true, Jake got down on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of our lives together. Balling my eyes out I said yes! And I cannot wait for our forever :)