Sierra and Jack

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How We Met

When I left the States to pursue my masters degree at the London School of Economics everyone told me I was going to fall in love while in England. I brushed the idea off, knowing school and traveling would be my main focus. However, shortly after I arrived in London I met Jack. He became my greatest encourager (not just during exam time), best friend and forever travel partner. We have now explored 7 different countries and numerous cities together. Before meeting Jack I began collecting my favorite book, Jane Eyre, in different languages as a souvenir from all my adventures and as cool additions to my personal library. Jack embraced my search for this staple of British literature and it has given us opportunities to see parts of places that are a little off the beaten path. Without him (and his sense of direction) I wouldn’t have been able find the majority of my collection, and I wouldn’t have had half as much fun doing so.

how they asked

A few days before Christmas, Jack and I were in the living room having a relaxing evening. Jack handed me a wrapped box and said I needed to open this present early. Inside was a beautiful hard back copy of Jane Eyre. The only thing that was different about this copy however, what that its pages were folded to say MARRY ME? This book now sits on my bookshelf in front of the ones we’ve collected all over the world, and is by far my favorite copy.
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