Sierra and Dylon

Sierra's Proposal in Myrtle Beach, SC

This all happened on our four year anniversary. We’ve been together all through high school and now starting college together at the same University. Dylon woke me up at 8am with a rose in hand and even bought flowers for my mother. He told me we needed to leave by 9, which gave me plenty of time to get dressed and make some coffee to go. He had told me I needed to pack my dress for later for reservations and that was all; however, I did grab my toothbrush because I HAVE to brush my teeth after I drink coffee. I cannot stand the fuzz on them.

Sierra and Dylon's Engagement in Myrtle Beach, SC

Anyways, we headed south bound in his truck, going to an undisclosed location. I assumed somewhere fartherer than we noramlly go, just to throw me off. Well an hour into the drive he told me there was a present in the back, to get it, open it and that would be my hint to where we were heading. I open the little bag and it was my swim suit. We were heading to the beach. I assumed a day trip with dinner and just some good quality time together. That sounded perfect to me. Little did I know what was going to happen later.

So about 2 hours into our 3 and a half hour drive I tell Dylon I need to brush my teeth, mind you, I was also getting over a cold so my medicine was wearing off as well and my crankiness was getting worse by the minute. Dylon pulls up to this rinky-dink, one bathroom gas station and YES I did brush my teeth in the bathroom…it had to happen. While I was doing that, Dylon grabbed a few snacks and drinks for the rest of the ride and along we went. We finally got to the beach after numerous songs, some snacks and a little talking.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Myrtle Beach, SC

When we first arrived, he told me he needed to meet someone to get my last gift, but the whoever he was in contact with said they were unable to meet until 3:30, but he was on a schedule. At that point he told me he reserved a hotel room, but we weren’t supposed to check in till 4. We called the hotel and they said our room was ready and we could check in early— thank goodness! We headed over to the hotel, checked in and Dylon had reserved an oceanfront suit with a balcony and 2 queen beds. It was perfect. I wasn’t feeling the best so I decided to take a hot shower, which worked out perfectly for Dylon. He still had to meet the person at 3:30, which ended up being the photographer that he hired to capture the entire proposal.

Anyways, this is about 3:45, Dylon is still not back and I’m starting to freak out a little because he went downstairs to meet some stranger, and we’re hours away from home. Just as I go to call him, he walks in. He said the reservations were moved up some and before we went he wanted to get a picture of me in the beach with my Polaroid. We head down to the beach and walk just a little ways.

He takes my jacket, shoes and phone and tells me to get closer to the water for a picture. After that we walked a little more and Dylon said he wanted to enjoy the view so we stopped and he played “Perfect”: by Ed Sheeran.

I told Dylon I wanted to walk some more because there was this man and woman lingering so close when they had the entire beach. They were taking pictures of the ocean. However, before I could take a step, Dylon stopped me and said he wanted to give me my last gift. Before I could have the last gift he said, “before I give you your last gift you have to promise me something. You have to promise me that you’ll love me forever. No matter what, you’ll love me forever.” Of course I said yes. At that point I was chatching on and was grinning from ear to ear. Next thing I know, he is down on one knee and said my entire name and asked me to marry him. I SAID YES!!!!

Those people that kept lingering ended up being our photographers. We had an entire photo session after the proposal, followed by a steak dinner and to end the night we rented Boss Baby and cuddled in the room.

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