Sierra and Dayle

How we met: Dayle had a twin brother who was dating my roommate at the time during my first year in college 9 years ago. He came down to visit with him. It was love at first site! We have been together since.


how they asked: I had been talking a lot about us getting married over the past few weeks. We have two beautiful children and the time where we were at in our life just seemed right! I thought we were going for our usual date night out. He said he needed to get the camera from his brothers (the one we met thru) place. As we got out he told me he was over by the flower garden area, so we started walking this trail. Then we come to this beautiful little canal. Rose pedals everywhere, still clueless I still thought nothing of it. I even said “Oh, someones getting romantic” not knowing it was him.

Of course, still clueless, music suddenly started to play. I looked up and he turned around and said “We stole a piece of each other 9 years ago and I want that to continue that for the next 90 years. I want you to spend the rest of your life with me. Will you marry me???”  It was my beginning to the rest of my life. Of course I SAID YES!!!!