Sierra and Andrew

How We Met

Andrew and I met in Mrs. Shove’s kindergarten class in Memphis, Tennessee. Naturally, I developed a crush on the only redhead boy in the class. Playing house as kids, we ‘got married’ using wildflower we fashioned into rings on the playground. Later on, we actually found out that both his parents and grandparents had met in their kindergarten classes as well. What a tradition.

In middle school, he was one of the class clowns that all the teachers loved even though he often caused chaos. I decided to steer clear at this point, not knowing I was avoiding my future husband.

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I moved away my sophomore year of high school to Phoenix and didn’t hear from him again until five years later. We connected again when he sent me a message on Instagram. Although both of us in the past would often preach to our friends the value of being single and to never date long distance, we both knew it was something special from the start and decided to try. Our first date was flying to Florida together for Halloween Horror nights, a bucket list item for me. We’ve been together since, checking off our bucket lists.

(Picture of our chorus concert in kindergarten. I’m the only one sitting and he’s the one smiling directly at the camera.)

How They Asked

Andrew had asked my father’s permission a year in advance on his birthday, which I was well aware of. Unfortunately for him, the one thing I asked is that he make it a surprise. This is no easy feat when your girlfriend already knows you asked permission and watches too many detective shows.

Although he had an entirely different proposal planned, when I informed him for his birthday I planned a trip to Page, Arizona to see Secret Canyon and Horseshoe Bend, another 2 bucket list items, he immediately reworked his plan. He decided the best way to surprise me was to take over an event that I planned.

I booked a tour two days before and he called ahead and got the entire company in on it. They switched various shifts to make sure we had a professional photographer as our tour guide. Once we were in the canyon, the tour guide asked if anyone needed their cameras adjusted and a line formed. I waited at the end and once our tour guide got to me, he fiddled with the camera and then informed me he would need to check it further in the canyon to make sure the pictures were coming out right, a ruse Andrew and he had thought up beforehand. I thought nothing of it and followed him. After he got done, he asked if we would like to take a picture and I said of course.

Andrew stood with his hand firmly behind his back and that’s when I realized what was happening. As he got down on one knee, I said “holy shit” and covered my mouth. (I couldn’t censor the shock. ?) He made a small speech ending with “will you marry me?” After he stood up, put the ring on, and we had taken pictures, we realized I hadn’t said yes because I had been covering my mouth the whole time! Of course, I then said yes a million times.

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