Sierra and Alex

How We Met

We met at the University of Oklahoma in an event called Sooner Scandals. It is a singing and dancing competition that pairs a sorority with a fraternity. He was a Lambda Chi Alpha and I was a Chi Omega. I was the dance director for our show and growing up dance was always a huge part of my life! Since he was tall and had no previous dance experience at all… I put him in the back row, something he still gives me a hard time about! Little did I know he would be the man that would get down on one knee and ask to marry me one day! He always would ask me how my day was and make a point to talk to me every practice. I didn’t think much of this until the other girls in the show pointed out how I was the only one he would make a point to talk to every practice. Eventually, after the show ended he asked me out on a date and four years later we are planning our wedding.

How They Asked

My Birthday was on a Friday and I knew he was secretly planning a trip, but what I didn’t know was that he was also planning a proposal on the same trip. He told me we were going somewhere special to celebrate my 24th birthday and that I need to get off work. One hint he gave me was to pack for cold weather so I had a few weeks to prepare. I was so excited and packed everything I owned not knowing this “birthday weekend” would change my life. When the weekend came around, and I got my boarding pass at the airport! We were going to Colorado! This is a place where have so many memories over the past 4 years! Alex taught me to ski here and we spent New Year in Denver the last year! So off we went to Denver for the weekend. On Friday for my birthday, we explored the city and celebrated that night at French 75!

Sierra and Alex's Engagement in Denver, Colorado

Saturday came and just when I thought all the birthday surprises were over he told me I needed to be ready for the night out at 3 pm, which was incredibly odd. After getting ready we went to the Terminal Bar in Union Station, one of our favorite spots in Denver, where a bottle of champagne was waiting for us. I’m a huge fan of champagne but an entire bottle at 3 in the afternoon was incredibly out of place.

Where to Propose in Denver, Colorado

After taking in the beauty of Union Station and reminiscing on the weekend, we walked outside and he dropped to one knee to propose. He had a photographer ready who captured this magical moment. We both were in shock and had an overwhelming feeling of happiness! We walked to dinner from the union station at Urban Farmer and watched OU beat Baylor while FaceTimeing all of our friends and family. After dinner, we returned to Union Station and went up to the gorgeous Cooper Lounge that overlooked all of the train station and breathtaking Christmas decorations for another celebratory glass of champagne!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Denver, Colorado

Special Thanks

Mattie Cassaday
 | Planning
Justin Edmonds
 | Photographer