Sierra and Alex

How We Met

Alex and Sierra met at the University of Oklahoma in 2016. We were introduced during the beloved sooner tradition called Scandals. Scandals is musical revue composed of seven Broadway-style acts directed and performed entirely by fraternities and sororities. Alex’s fraternity, Lambda Chi Alpha, and Sierra’s sorority, Chi Omega, were paired together. As many of you know, dance has always been apart of Sierra’s life, and it was not a part of Alex’s! Sierra served as the dance director and choreographer for this show. Each week practices and rehearsals consumed our weeks and many close friendships formed. By the end of the show we both knew we had met someone special and from that moment on our love story began. Little did Sierra know Alex would be the man that would one day get down on one knee and ask for her hand in marriage one day!

“It is crazy to think four years ago I was teaching you some dance moves that would eventually come in handy for our first dance during our wedding!” -Sierra

“I knew she was way out of my league for the first few months that we were friends. Once we went on our first “informal date” to Whataburger I knew I had to pull out all the stops to keep her by my side.” -Alex

How They Asked

Alex got down on one knee outside of Union Station proposed to Sierra on what is sure to be one of the best birthday weekends she’ll ever have. Her reaction was raw, full of pure joy and excitement. There were tears from both of them as the moment begin to set in. It was so special.



Special Thanks