Sierra and Aaron

How We Met

In the Fall of 2013 I signed up for my first college class at Utah State. It was called “connections” intended for Freshmen to meet others and get familiar with campus before school actually started. On the first day of class in walks Sierra, the most beautiful girl wearing a California shirt. Being way to scared, and thinking there was no way she would talk to me I kept my head down. As luck would have we got put in the same group project. Of course, she took control of the group and got everyone’s numbers including mine. Even luckier we got paired to do the same topic in our group so I would finally have the chance to talk to her! We got together to work on our project and the rest is history…

how they asked

On one of our first dates I told Aaron no one had ever taken me slow dancing. He took me to a small dock in Logan Canyon that overlooked First Dam, played music, and danced with me. Almost two years later to the day Aaron took me out to dinner and asked if I wanted to go on a “night hike” afterwards. It was rainy and cold and I said no! He somehow convinced me into going as long as it was short and we would go back if I got too cold. We parked at the mouth of the canyon and got out. I headed towards the trail head but stopped as Aaron pulled me in the direction of the Dock we danced on. I thought he just wanted to revisit our spot but as we got closer the dock lit up with lights. My heart stopped and I forgot how to use my feet. Aaron pulled me to the end of the dock where my favorite flowers were sitting on a table. He told me he loved me and after that my heart was beating too loud to hear the rest of his speech. He got down on one knee and I yelled Yes before he could get the whole question out! He put my ring on and as he stood to hug me I heard camera shutters and footsteps behind me. I turned to see my sisters, mom, and brother in law from out of town! His sisters, brother, and parents came out next! It was the most perfect proposal. We went out for ice cream all together afterward. As we sat down I looked down at my ring and realzed my finger had swollen to about three times the size it normally was! After trying every trick in the book we ended up in the ER and my brand new beautiful ring had to be cut off! We decided it was just like our relationship! We do things differently and in our own way. I can’t wait to marry my best friend!

Image 1 of Sierra and Aaron

Image 2 of Sierra and Aaron

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