Sierra and A.J.

How We Met

November 2016, I flew to Pensacola, Florida for my sisters wedding. It was a small ceremony with mostly family and I my only expectation was to enjoy seeing family for the first time in a while. Before the ceremony began, we all were hanging out when all of a sudden, this beautiful girl came walking into the Landshark Bar and I was COMPLETELY mesmerized! I knew immediately that I needed to talk to her but as she would tell you, I have absolutely ZERO game. Anytime I saw her with a group of people I knew that night, I would walk up and was hoping that someone would introduce us but it never happened and I was starting to get frustrated. I was also extremely nervous to talk to her. I think she was growing frustrated as well and later simply just walked up and introduced herself and we began dancing and having a blast together. Towards the end of the night, she grabbed my hand and walked up to my mom and simply told her, “we’re soulmates” and we walked away. It is kinda funny looking back on it now as she knew we were soulmates from the night we met!

Image 1 of Sierra and A.J.

how they asked

Sierra grew up in the Seattle area and she was constantly telling me about this place near where she grew up where her father took her hiking as a kid. She had shown me pictures and I thought the pictures of Rattlesnake Ledge were beautiful and I instantly knew that I was going to propose to her on top of that mountain. Sierra knows that I am a massive soccer fan and have wanted to visit Seattle and see a Sounders game and she surprised me with tickets for my birthday. After she surprised me with this trip, I began my planning. I wanted to make eight lifelong promises to her before I asked for her hand in marriage. Sierra and I started our relationship over 1,000 miles apart, she was in Minnesota and I was in Dallas. Writing letters was a MASSIVE part of our relationship which I felt helped us grow stronger together. I felt that it was only appropriate that I told her these promises in the form of letters. There were eight letters (each letter was one promise) and I gave her a letter each day for her to read. She received her 8th letter on Sunday and the next day, we drove to Seattle and she took me to see her childhood house before we began the hike up Rattlesnake Ledge. After a long, steep, and exhausting hike up to the top we were both sweating and taking in the view. She was sitting on a rock and I kept thinking to myself “how am I going to get her to stand up?” I asked her if she wanted to take a picture and this is when we both stood up. As she was looking at the picture that we had just taken, I turned to her and simply said “do you remember the letters?” A short while later, I dropped to one knee and asked her to marry me! It was an amazing moment in a beautiful place!!!

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Image 3 of Sierra and A.J.