Sidney and Joshua

How We Met

We met at collage. She was in one of my math classes and I thought she was cute. I started trying to get her attention and it worked. We talked for a few weeks before she agreed to go out on a date with me. She was very conservative and not at all what i had expected. She made me work for it. Once I got the date I started planing. I took a book out of her room – a guide to NYC. I looked at everything she had bookmarked and planned my date around what she had noted.

She is a big believer in fate and the universe and chance, so i played that in too. I had 4 of everything. 4 places for lunch, 4 places for activities, 4 places for dinner and 4 choices for the end of the day. I made one of those paper fortune tellers and made her pick a number. At the conclusion of each activity we would do it again and head to the next event. At the end of the night I stopped her outside of the hotel and told her it had been the best day of my life. Then i asked her if she would consider making our relationship official, and she said NO!. I wasn’t even a little upset, i just knew it would take more effort. We have been together 4-years this fall.

how they asked

We were on vacation in Fort Lauderdale, and I arranged for a professional photographer (Andrea Harborne Photography) to meet us on the beach in Fort Lauderdale at sunrise. She was going to pose as a resort photographer, capturing images of people enjoying the sunrise for local hotel websites. Andrea took a few formal images of us both and left us to it. She stayed close by and took secret images of me presenting Sidney with a ‘book of memories’ I had put together for this purpose.

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Sidney Marie and Joshua's Engagement in Fort Lauderdale Beach

It was full of memorabilia I had collected from our 4-years together; ticket stubs, flight tickets, photos… The last page of the book had that all-important question; ‘Will You Marry Me’.

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Sidney Marie's Proposal in Fort Lauderdale Beach

She was so shocked! Of course she said yes! Andrea took lots of pictures of this event unfolding and I’m the happiest man alive!

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