Sidney and Chase

How We Met

Long ago in middle school, I had the privilege of playing soccer with some of my very best friends (before they all got way better than me.) We had the greatest carpool ever and it was in this carpool where I first heard of Chase. All I knew is that this guy was apparently SO cute and really athletic. I couldn’t understand how he had such a spell on so many people. Fast forward to the summer between freshman and sophomore year of high school. The infamous Chase and I became fast friends. It quickly grew into a relationship and we were inseparable. We spent our first few years watching How I Met Your Mother and making memories with our high school friends we will never forget. Whether it was cheering each other on at various sporting events, spending time with our families at holidays, or attending multiple school dances, we always had a blast being with each other. And still, do to this day!

Long distance relationships are not easy. But I’d like to say we were pretty darn good at them. When Chase graduated high school a year early I was devastated (and so proud)! Even though he was only 20 minutes down the road at Duke, it felt like he was on another planet. The real fun started when I got to school at ECU – arggghh – and we were enjoying two separate social lives and college experiences. Sure, at times it was so hard to not see each other for weeks at a time. But we were able to create so many memories because of it. I had the time of my life going to Duke and watching him play. I gained an entirely new set of friends there and looked forward to every visit. Spring breaks, sorority/fraternity formals, long weekends and summer’s spent together in college are some of the best times we have had.

Proposal Ideas New York City - Pier 18

The latest and greatest chapter in our lives! The big city was my least favorite place in the entire world when Chase first moved here. I hated that it took him so far away from me. Visits were only happening once every few months and that first year was the toughest. I don’t think our relationship has ever been tested like it was that year. But, let me tell you, distance really does make the heart grow fonder. Now that we both live and work here in New York, I am so thankful for the distance (kinda) that we had all those years. I truly think our bond is stronger than it ever could be because of it. But now, I can’t imagine going back to long distance and we love being able to spend so much time together. We can’t wait for the next step in our relationship- MARRIAGE!

how they asked

Chase and I are really similar. We both love a good night in and nothing beats some pizza and our favorite Netflix show. But, as a New Years resolution, I said we each had to plan one date night a month to shake things up. Chase volunteered in January and picked a Friday night during restaurant week. I was so shocked at his initiative and was pumped he was in for the idea. I didn’t realize until much later the real reason behind his selection. We had reservations at one of the coolest restaurants I have been to, The Augustine. We had some wine, great dessert, and afterwards, Chase told me we had one more spot to go to. Now, for you North Carolinian’s reading this, it was legitimately freezing outside that night. Not “oh no it’s 50 it’s cold.” Actually cold. And if you know me you know I have terrible circulation in my hands. So we start walking towards one of our favorite parts of FiDi.

Where to Propose in New York City - Pier 18

But then we walk past every fun bar, the movie theater, and an ice cream shop. So I start to get a little confused and start questioning how far we are going because I’m so cold. But Chase continued to assure me he knew where he was going and to be patient. Then we get to a pier that we had actually spent our first date night in NY eating ice cream at. We walked down to the end, again I’m still clueless, and look at the views of the Brooklyn Bridge and downtown Manhattan. I go “Why are we here, Chase?” He says, “Sid, you know why we are here.” “No, I don’t.” “Yes. You do.” My heart drops when I finally connect the dots. He gets down on one knee and asks me to marry him. I blackout. Shout yes at some point and then boom the most beautiful ring is on my finger and I’m crying tears of joy. It was our 100 month anniversary. And it was perfect.

*He wanted the moment to be just between the two of us- which I LOVED. This picture below is from our amazing engagement session!

Special Thanks

Krista Stevens