Sidney and Caleb

Proposal Ideas Hicksville, OH

Caleb was leaving for an elk hunt in Colorado within the next couple of days so before he left, he planned a fun filled weekend with all of my favorite things. He told me we were going to ride horses and watch the sunset out at his family farm. So we start riding and he tells me that it looks like one of the horse’s legs look hurt. We got off and start leading them into a trail in the woods. He told me he had set up a blind for his grandpa to hunt in and needed to go check on it. We kept walking on the trail about 20 ft. from the blind and come up to two piles of corn and apples which he said were for the deer but were actually for the horses. The horses start eating and he clicks a button in the pocket of his shirt. The trees all around up lit up with bright lights. As I’m thinking about how cool the lights looks, I look down & he’s on one knee! He asked me to marry him and lights start flashing from inside the blind. As I’m ugly/happy crying and say yes, I realize it was his sister taking pictures! The night ended with a margarita party and it was the best night of my life!! ❤️?

Sidney and Caleb's Engagement in Hicksville, OH