Si Hua and Ga-Fye

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How we met:

A few years back, a very close friend of mine introduced me to Si Hua and it was so casual that we haven’t heard from each other again. After a while, we bumped into each other because we took the same class together. During that time, we got to know each other a little bit more and it just clicked so well that we kept contact even after school. After our very first date together, I knew I would only fall in love with this girl forever.

As cheesy as it sounds, it is the first relationship for both and we have spent many years together. After going through many challenges in the 8 years we’ve been together, I decided she would be the one and only for me and it was about time to pop the question.

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how they asked:

Every women’s dream is to have a perfect and romantic proposal, I knew Si Hua would not want to go in public and attract too much attention around strangers so I decided to keep it between close friends and family. Little did she know, I planned a surprise engagement proposal a few months prior to our 8th year celebration. During that time, I had to make sure the most important people are present on that day and set up the perfect plan so everything goes accordingly.

The morning of that special day, I took her to brunch and we watched a movie together. In the meantime, my “future” brother-in-law had my keys to access the house and welcome everybody in. All of our dearest friends helped us decorate the place and set up all the food too. Quick note, the caterer was simply amazing ! Everything was beyond our imagination and we couldn’t ask for more. All this happened when we were still out there enjoying our day together.

In order to interrupt our plans and rush back home, I asked one of my best friends to call me and pretend the house alarm has been triggered so it would be a valid excuse to stop whatever we’re doing and leave. It did not occur to me that while shopping at Ikea (not the most romantic place to celebrate an anniversary I know), there was a whole section without cell reception and apparently my friend tried to call me for 20 minutes. As soon as cell reception came back, we rushed out and drove straight back home and all my friends were hiding in the garage until I opened the door from outside. It was planned in advance that each one of them would hold a card to wish us a “Happy 8th year !” but the real message was behind the card. As soon as they turned back the cards, I got on my knees and delivered my proposal speech which my now-wife can’t remember because she was so under the emotions.

We got married on our 10th year anniversary and my beautiful wife is now expecting our very first baby together.

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