Shynice and Charles

Proposal Ideas Edneyville, nc at Grand Highland

How We Met

Me and Charles don’t have your typical “how we met” story. We actually have known each other since, about elementary school. We grew up together in a very small town where everyone knows each other. We start dating my junior year, his senior year in high school and have been together since.

Shynice's Proposal in Edneyville, nc at Grand Highland

how they asked

It was time for the bouquet toss, I was standing with all the single ladies ready to catch the bouquet front and center. All of a sudden the bride turned around, walked over to me and handed me the bouquet. I still had no clue what was about to happen, I thought she was giving me the bouquet out of pitty lol because EVERYONE was past ready for us to get married since we’ve been together since high school. The bride then walked me over to Charles, I’m still completely clueless! Everyone cheering and he drops to one knee.

Our Video

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