Shweta and Vish

How We Met

We used to work together in the same organisation back in India and the same project but never ever knew each other until we said ‘HI’ to each other first time in December 2015. We became friends and then eventually started going out and spend more time together. And then there was one day when we went out for dinner and while dropping me back home, he just held me and kissed me. That night 4 June 2016 changed everything for us. We both decided to come to Australia for future prospects and pursue our dreams.

How They Asked

So, it was my graduation day on 12/12/2018, the day for which I have been waiting for the last two years. I was all set to leave for the ceremony when Vish told me that he will come to the campus with Comal(a friend) and I am supposed to reach the campus with two other friends( Kevin and Caitlin). In that moment of a hurry, I didn’t say anything and left for my graduation ceremony with my friends, having no idea of what was coming. When we reached the campus, It was really late and the ceremony was about to begin in 10 mins, I rushed with my friend to grab my graduation gown and the cap and came back.

Next thing, I see is Vish holding a bouquet of flowers and balloons which was quite surprising because he is a person who doesn’t believe in expressing love or happiness through flowers or balloons. I saw him and asked him with amusement-balloons, flowers, are you ok? He didn’t say anything, just kissed me and told me to run and take my seat as the ceremony was about to start in 2 minutes by then. Imagine that tensed situation where I almost felt, I am going to miss my graduation ceremony. The ceremony got over, and all the students started walking out of the hall. Thousands of students walking together

Our Video

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Special Thanks

Comal, Kevin, Anish, Caitlin | 
Planning and videographer