Shruthi and Nick

How They Asked

It had been my dream to go to the Maldives ever since I was in high school, and I was finally able to make that dream come true after graduating from law school. Nick and I started our trip on Kashidhoo, an island, where we were greeted with not only friendly locals, but also with way more rain than we thought there would be. One morning, it was blue skies and absolutely paradise.

Shruthi and Nick's Engagement in Maldives

We spent it on the beach and went back to get ready for our beachside dinner, feeling optimistic about the weather. Suddenly, just an hour before dinner, blue skies turned to dark gray and the storm hit with a vengeance. We still hesitantly dressed up in case it cleared up, which it did very briefly.

We rushed to the beach, where our Maldivian hosts had set up a beautiful beachside table with drinks and flowers and had decorated the picturesque swing set in the water. As I stood admiring the decor, I turned to see Nick approaching me, a smile on his face. As I stared, thunderclouds brewing again in the sky, he got on one knee, told me how much he had enjoyed our last 5.5 years together and asked me to marry him to make that into forever.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Maldives

So there we were, in the eye of the monsoon, the calm center of chaos on a gorgeous beach in a beautiful country. Even though his plan of a full beachside dinner under blue skies and a whole speech didn’t pan out, all I saw was the love of my life with my dream ring, asking me to love him forever. Easiest yes I ever said.

Special Thanks

Ali Shimah
 | Photographer