Shreya and Nimit

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how they asked

Nimit told me he booked a romantic package from a nearby resort in Aruba (we are here for vacation – a place I’ve always wanted to go) and that there would be a photographer and that he didn’t know much else. He said today would be the fanciest day of our week vacation so I should wear my favorite dress. We got to the beach and met the photographer and he instructed us to walk in front of him and follow the signs.

So we walk onto the beach and there is a big message in a bottle welcoming us with a love quote. Then we followed three signs that said “love” and “magic” up to one that said “I love you” with a table set up with sweets and flowers in my favorite colors and a bottle of moscato (my favorite) all set up in front of the sunset on the beach.

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He even had my favorite love songs playing in the background. We were talking at the table and at one point I said that I couldn’t be happier. He then said, “Let’s take a walk on the beach.”

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We did and then he said “You said you couldn’t be happier?” And got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!!

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Turns out he had been talking to this photographer and a proposal planner for months putting all this together!

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Special Thanks

Julian De Bats
 | One Happy Photographer
 | Proposal Planner