Shreya and Bhavik

How We Met

We connected via the South Asian Dating app called “DilMil’ we connected April 2019 and despite being 1300 miles apart we hit it off. He was based in Dallas, Texas while I was based in Naples, Florida. For our first date he flew out to Tampa, Florida and we had a brunch date and explored the city a bit. Our first date was 6+ hours long, I remember leaving the date and saying to my friend I think this is it.

How They Asked

I flew to Dallas for his 30th birthday with my own surprise in store for his birthday day. He told me we are going to the White Rock Lake to meet up with his friends and cut a cake for his birthday. He insisted we dress up because his friend would be taking pictures of us. All weekend he kept stressing how Saturday was such a big day and I remember thinking “Why is he so excited for a cake…? He doesn’t even like cake that much”. We spent that Saturday mostly relaxing and had lunch at home. Then got dressed and he insisted I wear the red midi dress instead of a more casual dress I was planning to wear and said everyone is dressing up. When we were headed to the lake we were passing by a community of really nice homes and I mentioned a few of them were so nice. Then he randomly stops in front of one of them and i am like wait what is going on???? In my mind I was thinking did he buy this house is that the surprise and why he has been acting all different? But then in the distance I also see some green balloons floating so I got a little confused. He tells me to get out of the car and I’m like “No , I can’t! This is someones house”. He insists I get out of the car and he tells me he loves me so much but not to ask any more questions for the next 10 minutes and blindfolds me as I am asking “Is this really necessary?” In that moment he told me how much he loved me I knew exactly what was going to happen. We drove then to the lake and he held me and walked over to the spot that they had set up the proposal. In the background the song that was playing was the first ever romantic song he had sent to me in the beginning of our relationship & a song that is and will be forever special to us. We were surrounded by close friends & he got on one knee and proposed. Forever a day and place I will cherish. 9.26.2020.

Special Thanks

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 | Proposal Photography
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