The Best Way to Shop for Engagement Rings

As you prepare to pop the question, you’ll probably find yourself wondering about the best way to shop for engagement rings. From online options like Blue Nile and James Allen, to in-person shopping, which is right for you and your partner? Whether you’re going for the added element of surprise or are thinking of bringing your partner with you on your search, today we’re breaking down three of the best ways to shop for engagement rings. Read on to find out which option you should say I Do to.

In person, without your partner

If you’re surprising your partner with a proposal, shopping solo in-person is the most obvious option—but it’s important to keep a few things in mind. Make sure you’re confident you know what your partner wants. Even if your spouse-to-be isn’t typically picky with jewelry, an engagement ring is something she’ll wear for life—you should have a solid idea of her preferred metal, cut, carat weight, and desired overall aesthetic. Keep things like his or her job or hobbies in mind as well (a high-profile ring, for example, isn’t great for someone who works with her hands). If you’re not 100 percent confident you can pick the right ring on your own, consider bringing along someone who knows both of you well (who you can also trust to keep a secret).


With endless ease and unfiltered access, it’s no surprise that online shopping is quickly becoming one of the best ways to shop for engagement rings. We love that you can easily compare countless rings in a fraction of the time it would take you to do so in person. (Learn more about why we love online engagement ring shopping here.) We love sites like Blue Nile and James Allen, that allow you the kind of instant customization and comparison tools you can’t exactly get in person. We’re especially obsessed with the Blue Nile build-your-own-engagement-ring toolit allows you to set your budget before selecting your diamond and setting for a super simple, no-fuss engagement ring shopping solution. (If you’re on-the-fence about shopping for an engagement ring from behind a screen, you can learn more about the ins and outs of buying a diamond online here.)

In person, together

When it comes to the best way to shop for engagement rings, the idea of going together is often overlooked. While we’re all for the element of surprise, we also think you should look at an engagement ring as the major investment it is: it’s best not to risk it. If you’re on the fence about whether or not you know exactly what your partner would love in a ring, you should consider bringing her or him along for the ride. That way, the two of you can enjoy and share in the experience of choosing and designing the ring together. Pro Tip: Put some effort behind the day to make the experience extra special—treat it like you would a date night or celebration. (Psst…still not sure if bringing your partner along is the right choice? We break down everything you need to know about engagement ring shopping together here.)

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