Shondra and Sean

Proposal Ideas Salem, MA

How We Met

Five years ago Shondra decided to go to a tattoo convention like so many before but left with so much more than just a few tattoos. This was the weekend Sean met Shondra. Shortly after, the two started dating long distance. Their paths in life kept them apart but only for a year. Shondra finished nursing school and Sean decided to change his path entirely to tattooing. This led them to South Florida where they finally moved in together. After a few years, they decided it was time for a new start and Salem was it. They moved in the middle of winter but knew right away that this was their forever home.

How They Asked

On October 13th, 2018, Sean purposed the only way that made sense to the spooky couple in love. Sean carved multiple jack-o-lanterns and creepy creations to illuminate a room, that served as a silent audience to Shondra while she made her way to the main display.

A row of pumpkins with the words: will you marry me? Two other jack-o-lanterns lay next to them, lit. One with the word “yes”, the other “no” – Shondra blew out the lantern marked “yes”, allowing the flame of their love for each other to continue.

Where to Propose in Salem, MA

Special Thanks

Carl Heyerdahl
 | Photographer