Shonae and Justin

Proposal Ideas Warilla Beach - Windang Island

How We Met

I met Justin when I was 13 years old in Wollongong. He was a part of a group of mutual friends and from there we hit it off using the good old MSN chat. We chatted and hung out over the course of many years. We lost contact for three years and in the mean time we were with other people, he being married and I being engaged. I received a random email one day via an old account I was shutting down from Justin. We met back up and after it didn’t work out for either of us with our partners at the time, we picked up where our old love left off. We both got our “one who got away” :)

Where to Propose in Warilla Beach - Windang Island

how they asked

Justin and I have always spent hours together searching for sea glass on the beach. The first beach we ever went to as an official couple was Warilla beach. I’ve always said to Justin as a joke that I wish there were photographers at every proposal so ours could have photos of when it happens. But of course when he sister and her fiancé asked if we wanted to be a part of their couples shoot for wedding photography I was none the wiser!! We went to warilla beach and started taking beautiful but cheesy couple photos. Justin’s sister suggested a walk up to windang island, a place he and I had first explored together almost two years before. As we got to the top of the island, Justin’s collar of his dress shirt had (what I thought the wind had done!) popped up so his sister came over to help fix it back down. She then told us to face each-other for another photo and Justin said “I’ve been waiting so long to say this”.. and got down on one knee (on rocks! Solid effort!).

He smiled and said “Shonae Caitlin Ward.. will you marry me?” I smiled and pretty sure I blurted out “yep! Uh, yes! Yes!”. And it was all caught on camera :)

Special Thanks

Meg Carter | 
Designed our ring :)