Shivu and Darshan

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How We Met

Darshan and I met online after a few months our conversations progressed to phone calls and text messages. Mutually we can agree that our first date was probably one to remember. It was spontaneous as we lived in separate cities and I was passing by where he lived one weekend on my way to the airport. I asked him if he wanted to meet up and naturally, he said yes. Both of us were unprepared but because of that, it forced us to be the best raw version of ourselves. This unplanned date ended up being one of the best decisions we both had made. We instantly had a connection, and now find ourselves looking back on a day we will cherish forever.

how they asked

The way Darshan proposed to me will always be unforgettable. The moments leading up to the proposal are important to understand. Towards the end of the summer, he decided to take me on a surprise last minute getaway to the beach. Darshan planned the entire trip from start to finish without ever having set foot in Panama City Beach.

We started the weekend off by enjoying some of the best wines in all of Florida followed by a nice dinner on the pier. As we walked along the pier he kept asking me to help him look for seashells. Even though it was a strange request, I still assisted him in trying to find the “perfect” seashell. We searched all over the beach but were unlucky and decided to give it a rest for the day.

The next day he surprised me with a helicopter ride over the coastline of the beach, which was shortly followed by a boat ride during sunset as we watched dolphins celebrating the seas in their natural environment. It was just at that moment when I began to have thoughts to myself that this wasn’t just a regular weekend at the beach. I began to have thoughts about a proposal but still I wasn’t too sure.

That night, Darshan told me he had dinner reservations at a posh restaurant. But before dinner, he wanted to take me to a pier at sunset so we could enjoy the beautiful view and take a few photos. As soon as the red sunset hit the sky we made our way over to the pier. As we walked up and down the pier here’s where my intuition kicked in again my mind was racing with thoughts about a proposal, but just as I began to think “THIS IS IT, he’s going to propose!”… he turns to me and says “we are done here let’s leave.”

With all hopes of a proposal out the window at this point, we began walking towards the car when he decided in the moment to take one final picture under the pier. As we approached the water, Darshan walked up and interrupted a woman who was in the middle of shooting a few professional photos of the sunset as well. He walked in front of her, pulled out his iPhone and began to take selfies of us!

The lady neglected the fact that he interrupted her shoot and offered to take a photo of us. As I handed her my phone to take the photo, Darshan behind my back, put a shell onto the sand where inside the shell he strategically placed the ring. In that moment, is when I noticed the pearly white shiny shell on the ground. I was so eager to pick it up since it was the shell he was searching for the ENTIRE TRIP! As I excitedly picked up the shell, I turned it over to show him my findings and inside was a ring! As I looked up from the shell I found Darshan on his knee!

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Girls on the beach were cheering. The photographer, that I thought was there to take pictures of the sunset was suddenly taking pictures of us. Darshan was talking but I was so nervous and excited I didn’t hear what he was saying. I said “YES!”.