Shivani and Kevin

How We Met

We met by faith & fell in love at first sight. We met while I was on vacation in Toronto, Canada. The moment that we met we knew that this would be a forever thing.

how they asked

Our love story started two countries apart, Canada and America. We’ve dated for 2 and a 1/2 years. We finally decided to take the next step where he would move to New York and we would get our first apartment together. Christmas is my favorite holiday and on December 20th in our apartment infront of our first Christmas tree together he got down on one knee and not only asked me to marry him but also to be the mother of his children. And he had my friend surprise me by taking pictures while he proposed! He even had the first note that I ever wrote to him.

Image 1 of Shivani and Kevin

Image 2 of Shivani and Kevin

Image 3 of Shivani and Kevin