Shivangi and Darshan

How We Met

In August of 2014, Darshan and I were volunteering at our temple (the last place I should have been noticing a boy), when I saw him from behind and thought to myself “well damn, he’s got a nice butt!” I caught a glimpse of his side profile but had no idea who he was or how to reach out to him. A week or so later, as fate would have it, Facebook somehow threw him into my “people you may know” feed, and I naturally got super excited. I mentioned him to a mutual friend, who proceeded to play matchmaker. On August 21st, 2014 he texted me for the first time, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Shivangi's Proposal in Clinton, New Jersey

how they asked

Since about October, Darshan and I had started penciling in two days every month for date nights, so we had gone through all the way through March picking dates that worked for each of us around our busy schedules. February 17th was one of those dates. Little did I know, he had picked this date for a special reason. Every so often he would drop one-liners about our “Valentines Weekend Date”, I just never put much thought into it because…well…he’s a pretty mushy guy and loves fancy date nights. He had been planning this day for quite some time, including special little details like the ombre rose petals and our song. Also unbeknownst to me, he secretly brought the rings with him to India in January to have Swamishri(our Guru) make them prasad (or blessed)!

Shivangi and Darshan's Engagement in Clinton, New Jersey

So, as the day came closer, in true Darshan fashion, he was called into Jersey City last minute to do a presentation at KST (or so I thought). In reality, he was spending the night before and the morning of running through every step of the proposal to make sure it went off without a hitch. He had originally told me we would be doing a few different things, so he told me to pack four different outfits, and had Sonal nonchalantly ask me what I was packing for the big day.

February 17th, 2018: I was driving up from Delaware and had stopped in Robbinsville for a quick meeting and to pick up some groceries, meanwhile Darshan texted letting me know he would see me around 1:45 pm. Once I got home I figured I’d at least do my hair and put on some makeup (not normal practice for me, but I figured, its Valentine’s “day”) while waiting for Darshan to arrive. Soon after my phone rang and my favorite neighbor Jasmine called and asked me to pick something up from her house and hold onto it for her, she would be by later to pick it up. So, me being me, I ran up to her house….in my punjabi….and my socks. I was out there hunting for this mystery package when Mrs. Tun opened the door and handed me a gift bag and an envelope. All of this mayhem was captured by Sapan, Darshan’s friend, and photographer, who was creepily parked across the street and would later stalk me around my town as I found the remaining clues to what was the start of my Scavenger Hunt Proposal.

The first letter was accompanied by my favorite perfume, La Vie Est Belle, and a clue to the next location, JJ Scoops. There, he had another letter waiting for me along with a bowl of my favorite ice cream and a quick activity, and of course, the clue to the next location, my elementary school. The following letter took me to my high school, where I had to do a cheer in the parking lot while being stared at by a police officer LOL! Finally, I made it to the last location, the waterfront of the Red Mill, where Darshan, along with my sister, brother-in-law, and best friends, was waiting for me to finish reading my last letter. The waterfront patio was decorated with ombre rose petals, photos of Darshan and I, and twinkly lights accompanied by our song – Perfect by Ed Sheeran.

To say the least, it was PERFECT. As I was soaking it all in, I heard some girls squeal behind me, and as I turned I saw Darshan walking towards me – its safe to say I was overcome with giddiness and butterflies. He got down on one knee and barely got the words out since I was giggling like a hyper child, he pulled out the most beautiful ring I have ever seen, and naturally, I screamed YES!
Everyone else came out of hiding after we had had our moment. I Facetimed my parents to share the exciting news and show them my sister was also here, they basically jetted over from our house to come see both of their girls. The rest of the day was filled with photos, love and lots of fluffy snow. For those of you who are wondering, I am quite dense and didn’t figure out this scavenger hunt was going to turn into a proposal until the second to last letter at the high school, I honestly just figured it was his cute way of celebrating our first Valentine’s Day together.

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