Shirley and Michael

How We Met

Mike and I met the first day of college freshmen year. It was a social event where the girls made milkshakes for the guys and every time you handed out a milkshake you also had to give out your number. This group of guys came out and came up to me and some other girls. Suddenly we all start talking about pictures of puppies and how cute they are, and then this random guy (Mike) says that he will send me a new picture of a puppy every day. Sure enough later that night I receive a text from an unknown number with an adorable picture of a cute little puppy. From there we became best friends for six months before we finally started dating.

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how they asked

Mike and I LOVE Disney. We’re obsessed. So it was natural that we were going there on vacation at the beginning of January with my parents. Mike and I had travelled all day and finally made it to the hotel around 7pm. Once we got there my mom suggested going to Magic Kingdom and I’m never going to say no to that! We headed over and as soon as we got there Mike said he needed to run into a store. I was thinking, “Does he have to do that right now?! The fireworks are about to start!” But he headed off and so my mom and I ran to catch up with my dad and brother. We finally found them and we watched the fireworks together as a family but I was disappointed because I had been so excited to watch them with Mike and he had missed them. After the fireworks ended we just hung around in front of the castle because none of us “supposedly” knew where Mike was. He finally showed up and said he wanted to take a picture in front of the castle. I said of course and we started to pose. As soon as we did, he turned, got down on one knee, and asked me to be his forever. I, of course, said yes!! As soon as he put the ring on me and I was sobbing, I saw his parents come out of the crowd and I was so excited! It meant everything to me that both of our families were there to celebrate with us. Mike had hired a personal Disney World photographer to take any pictures that I would want, and he had “Just Engaged” pins ready in an envelope for us to wear throughout the parks. He planned everything down to the detail. If you know me, you know it is really hard to surprise me. So for him to be able to get both of our families down to Disney World and have so much planned the following days was impressive!

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