Shirley and Jordan

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How We Met

Jordan and I met in 2013; It was my Junior year and his sophomore year of High school. I had just transferred to Sandalwood Highschool and did not know many people. He saw me from a distance one day as we passed each other trying to get to our buses, and he realized he had never seen me before at the school. From that day on, he made it a mission to get to know me. He tried many times to see me at the end of each day where we would always pass each other, but nothing seemed to work (the rush to get to buses was intense!) One day at the big rival football game against Fletcher High school, Jordan approached me for the first time. We talked but that was it. Weeks went by and we did not see each other until one day in the lunchroom. He sat next to me and we immediately had a connection. We got each other’s numbers and were inseparable ever since. A little over four years later, never having been broken up, here we are!

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how they asked

On December 15, 2017 I said yes to my best friend. It was a pretty normal day, nothing out of the ordinary. I was under the impression that Jordan was working that night and I was going to see my cousin perform at a recital in Downtown. My parents took me to the location where the recital parking was supposed to be at. We were then told by my aunt that we needed to cross a bridge to get to the actual location. As we are walking over the bridge the view is gorgeous, overlooking the St. John’s River. We finally get to the bottom of the bridge and turn into Friendship Park where Jordan and I have gone on several dates. I turn a corner and see some of my closets friend waiting for me with a rose. They each say something sweet and hand it to me along with a vase. I am already in tears and continue walking.

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I am greeted by one of my best friends further up the park, and then members of both side of our families as they each hand me roses. Jordan had all of the closest people to me imma trail like pattern as I get closer and closer to him. The entire time I am also being followed by a man who is playing our favorite songs on the guitar. I finally see Jordan standing under the bridge and we are both in tears.

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The place is beautiful and full of lights and roses to match the theme of one of my favorite movies “Beauty and the Beast” and favorite T.V show “The Bachelor.” I walk closer to him and he says the sweetest vow to me and gets down on one knee and placed the most beautiful ring on my finger.

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I could not believe what was happening! It was like a dream. After saying yes, all of our loved ones were behind us at a distance holding sparklers. We walk through the lit path in complete joy and excitement and end the night with an engagement party to celebrate. It was a night I had been dreaming of for the four years we were together and a night I will never forget.

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Special Thanks

Tianna Shonyo
 | Photographer