Shimrit and Oshri

How We Met

Me and Oshri met seven years ago when we were backpacking in the north of Peru. We did an 8 days hike with a group of other backpackers and although we had great chemistry and connection, we ended up heading in different directions but still kept in touch here and there. After three years of not seeing each other, I attended a party at his hometown and gave him a call to see if maybe he was around. Oshri showed up at the party, we went on a walk which led to a 4 hour date and we’ve been together ever since that night.

Image 1 of Shimrit Zagorsky and Oshri

Image 2 of Shimrit Zagorsky and Oshri

how they asked

As a couple our favorite thing to do is travel the world! Last February we went on a Safari trip in Tanzania, Africa. Oshri planned on proposing to me on my birthday at the end on our trip in Zanzibar, but when we arrived at the beautiful Serengeti Sopa Lodge he felt he couldn’t wait! Right before dinner he took me to an amazing balcony overlooking the sunset on the Serengeti national park. He hugged me and i could feel his heart beating so fast, he got down on one knee and told me he wants to spend the rest of his life with me, obviously I said YES! Since I am a jewelry designer and a goldsmith, I made the ring myself after the proposal :)

Image 3 of Shimrit Zagorsky and Oshri

Image 4 of Shimrit Zagorsky and Oshri

Special Thanks

Roman Balshov
 | Engagement photos