Shilpika and Shiv

How We Met

Shiv and I work for the same company in Australia. He is from Canada and I had just moved from New Zealand at the time. Our first meeting was at our annual work conference in Las Vegas. That first interaction was at a club where we communicated briefly with each other through the Notes app on my iPhone seeing as the music was too loud to actually converse. A couple of weeks later back in Australia, Shiv approached me in the office and we had our very first conversation – when I look back on that conversation, I definitely now notice that spark between us since the first day. We would start to talk every day in some form over the phone and that led to dinner, followed by a coffee at work, and another, and another, lunch at work and finally, a date night.

I was nervous about the night and wondered what we would speak about, “How am I going to come up with interesting things to talk about all night”. When the night arrived, time flew so quickly and by the end of it, we both could tell that neither of us wanted the evening to end just yet. I always held back a little despite how much I liked him because of my cautious and introverted personality – it was right after that night itself when Shiv called me after I reached home, where he fearlessly told me how he felt about me. That’s what I have always loved about him, his certainty in what he wants and confidence in working towards it. That was the phone call that changed our lives – two years later, we couldn’t be more excited to share our engagement news with our family and friends and to start planning our wedding together!

How They Asked

Shiv and I planned to travel to New York together post-Las Vegas for the same work conference this year. About four months prior to our travel, we started planning our itinerary for NYC. He planned for us to meet with his cousin and her husband in NYC on the Saturday night – in the weeks leading up to our trip he would keep mentioning how much he was looking forward for me to meeting these cousins and said that the cousins are planning the entire night for us and that our only job was to show up. He even had his cousin messaging around food preferences for the night etc. On the evening of, we dressed up, made our way to an address ‘his cousin’ texted him to meet at only to be eventually led to a stunning rooftop that was exclusively booked out by Shiv for the two of us. It was set up with candles and rose petals across the floor which he led me to the centre of, got down on one knee and told me why he wanted to marry me.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in New York City

I was completely surprised, the last thing to have crossed my mind that evening was that he was going to propose.. there was so much I wanted to express back to him but all I could manage were nervous giggles, tears, and huge smile that wouldn’t wipe off my face. It was such a beautiful, speechless and intoxicating moment for us. There was so much thought and detail put into the proposal and I was completely swept off my feet with all of it!

Wedding Proposal Ideas in New York City

I am a sucker for sunsets and rooftops and my fiance planned the whole proposal around these two elements – we walked right into a beautiful sunset view on this rooftop along with the NYC skyline surrounding us. The proposal was so unflawed and the night that followed was so perfectly planned. We both look back on the evening and laugh about how we instantly felt like we were drunk before even touching the champagne that night – so so so much adrenaline and happiness! I feel so damn blessed to be marrying the love of my life and so lucky to be spending forever with him.

Where to Propose in New York City

A big big thank you to Ash for capturing the whole proposal so beautifully – We wouldn’t have it any other way!

Special Thanks

Ash Fox
 | Photographer
Ash Fox
 | Proposal Planner