Shikha and Jameel

Proposal Ideas It started in SF and then ended in LA

How We Met

Shikha’s Side of the Story:

I met Jameel at Ruchi’s birthday party in November of 2011, but we didn’t speak to each other much. Over the next few months, we saw each other in group settings and started texting and messaging each other via gchat.

My friends started to notice that every time Jameel would text me I would smile in a way they hadn’t seen before, but I still thought of us as just friends. Then, in January, I was really sick and had to finish a law school paper, so I asked Jameel to make up a story and tell it to me. He made up a really silly story about a bossy princess, a smart boy, Twitter followers and a dragon, and that was the first time I really started to think there could be more.

We ended up hanging out a few days later, went out to dinner at Osha Thai, and now, 5 years later, here we are…

Jameel’s Side of the Story:

Suhaas, one of Shikha’s best friends from high school, worked with me and he had told me that there would be a lot of girls at this birthday party he was going to. He then showed me Shikha’s picture, and it was love at first sight. After meeting her and finding out we had mutual friends, Shikha managed to get my e-mail address from a group e-mail thread we were both on and started to Gchat me and asked me all sorts of questions about myself. When she told me she was coming to SF I asked her to dinner and the rest is history!

how they asked

The Proposal from Shikha’s Side:

I was going to a friend’s Santacon party in SF and as soon as I arrived, my friend handed me 2 blue roses and a clue telling me to go to the Spa where one of my best friends met me. She told me that we were going to get our nails done, so I picked a red color for my nails. After we were done, she handed me another blue rose and another clue telling me to call my sister, who was waiting downstairs in her car.

My sister told me she was driving me to an undisclosed location and wouldn’t tell me anything else. Soon, I saw signs for the airport and she handed me another blue rose and a clue with a boarding pass for LA telling me to go to the Centurion Lounge in the airport.

At this point, all I had with me was my purse and the roses and clues. So I go through security and head up to the lounge and two of Jameel’s best friends are waiting for me with more roses and a plate of food. After an hour, they walk me to my gate and hand me another clue.

The clue tells me to fly to LA and go to the SLS hotel where we had our 6 month anniversary and I said “I love you” for the first time. I get to the SLS and check in and go up to the room and there is a trail of rose petals and balloons with pictures of us hanging over the bed and a final blue preserved rose in 24 karat gold with a note telling me to pick one of 3 outfits laid out and go up to the hotel roof deck to enjoy a sunset.

I get ready really quickly and go up to the roof deck and there is a photographer taking pictures as soon as I enter and then finally after this crazy day I see Jameel standing in front of a cabana with our song playing and he gets down on one knee and proposes.

After the proposal, we enjoyed an amazing 22 course dinner at the restaurant within a restaurant at the SLS hotel. It was the most magical proposal ever!!! <3

Proposal from Jameel’s Side:

Before we started dating, Shikha had told me a cute story about how in high school she had decided that she would marry the guy who would give her a dozen blue roses. A few months after we started dating, I gave her the first blue rose. Over the next 5 years, I continued to give her blue roses up until the grand proposal Shikha described above.

It was a lot of planning and coordination with a lot of moving parts but it paid off and I am now marrying the girl of my dreams!

Where to Propose in It started in SF and then ended in LA