Shiany and Alex

Shiany's Proposal in Upland, CA

How We Met

When the worship team at my church needed a bass player, the drummer asked Alex to sub in. We often needed help from outside musicians, so it was nothing new. When Alex showed up to the theater that my church was renting that Sunday morning, I turned to him, and just smiled. That was my hello. Turns out he thought I was stuck up because I didn’t properly introduce myself (LOL). I was and still kind of am a pretty shy person. However, Alex likes being able to get people out of their shell. So naturally, because it’s who he is, he started to ask me questions to get me to talk. We had a lot in common, including music, sense of humor, and our medical backgrounds. After a while, we became best friends. After some more time (a LOT of it) passed, we made it “official” in late February of 2014. We haven’t gotten bored of each other since!

how they asked

Two of my best friends couldn’t spend my actual birthday with me the week prior, so we made plans to go do some shopping and have some lunch. Alex had said he had to record some guitar parts and would be busy all day. That is, until 8pm when he would be picking me up for a date.

I shopped with my girlfriends and we got some pressed juicery, sat on a bench and just talked. When it started to rain we decided to head back to the car. This is when my friend said to me “well it’s a good thing it started raining because we actually have a surprise for you since we couldn’t be with you for your actual birthday.” We got into the car and that’s when she tells me I’m going to be blindfolded. I still had no clue what was about to happen! Apperantly we drove for an hour, even though 45 of those minutes were stalling! I ended up needing to use the bathroom. So my friends kept me blindfolded and when I walked into the bathroom, the smell triggered a memory and I instantly knew where we were at. My heart started racing. They took me back outside, I removed my blindfold and another one of my besties was holding a camera, recording me. She tells me to take some tickets and to follow her to the lobby. She tells me some instructions that went right over my head because I was way too excited to listen. Something about taking a picture and watching videos (haha).

I made my way into the theater and I see 4 music stands lined up filled with pictures of our years together, they were leading up to a stage where his bass and my guitar were placed, on the same stage where we first met. With our song playing in the background, and with my hands shaking, I began to ball like a little baby. I was instructed to take a picture from each stand, watch some videos, and when I got to the stage, I was to put the pictures I chose into a boxed frame. The last two slots said “engagement photo” and “wedding photo”. Once that was placed back, Alex came out from behind the theater curtain, showed me his favorite video of us and said the sweetest and most romantic words, ending with the question I obviously said yes to.

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