Sheyla and Marcelo

How We Met

A mutual friend named Josh first mentioned Marcelo to me 2 months prior to us physically meeting. In the beginning, I had no interest in getting to know Marcelo and simply took everything as a joke. However, curiosity started to stir in me about who and how he is. On a Saturday evening at my youth service, I saw him enter the room and immediately knew who he was. I got nervous with the simple fact that I was finally going to meet him since Josh had already mentioned him for two months straight. Towards the end of the service when we normally hang out and talk, I was called into a meeting, and Marcelo left the building with the boys. At that moment I thought my chance to meet him was dead. Little after that, I left the building and was walking towards my car when all of the sudden, I hear all of the boys shouting my name to go where they were. That was the moment I met Marcelo for the first time.

How They Asked

Marcelo and I had scheduled a photo shoot for our one-year anniversary. Not thinking much of it, the day of the shoot arrived and as I was getting ready, he couldn’t stop telling me how beautiful I looked. On our way there, I would throw jokes as to how my new nail set would look good with a ring on it.

Image 3 of Sheyla and Marcelo

We arrived at the shoot and it was a normal photoshoot for the first half. Shortly after, Marcelo starts telling me how much he loves me and wants to be with me forever. A couple of laughs later he pulls out the ring from his pocket, get down on one knee, and asked me, “Will you make me the happiest man in the world, and will you marry me?” With much emotion, I said YES.

Image 2 of Sheyla and Marcelo

Special Thanks

Maria Delgado
 | Photographer