Shevaun and Frank

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How We Met

Frank and I are from the same hometown. Hazlet NJ. We are 3 years apart so we never really talked to one another. When he came home from the military he had a lot of parties. My friends asked if I wanted to go to his house with them to hang around the fire. I was sort of hesitant but if you know me, I love doing things so I went anyway. We had a great night laughing and drinking beer around the fire. That night he messaged me on Facebook and I never really gave him the time of day!

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A Few years later he bought himself a house and I used to see him out a lot with some of my other friends. We started talking more when we saw eachother out..still nothing serious! I was extremely hard to get!

Long story short, I decided to give him a chance and go out to dinner with him one night. He picked me up from my parent’s house and we went to yesterday’s restaurant (one of our favorite restaurants!) We had a great night! Later that night we went out with 2 of my friends for some drinks and that night I just knew this is who I wanted to be with! So we started dating on May 29, 2019. Side note: it was really May 30th but that’s my parents’ anniversary and I couldn’t share such an important date! This past June I moved in with him!

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We have already done so many things in such a short amount of time and our love for eachother grows more and more every single day! To dating, to moving in, to traveling to the Dominican Republic, to going camping for the weekend with friends and so much more!

How They Asked

My niece was born in august 2019! So we started a tradition to go pumpkin picking every year and go back to the house to carve and paint. This year was a little different! I GOT ENGAGED!

Due to the pandemic, you had to make an appointment at a place so we decided on Battleview Orchards in Freehold NJ. That morning he said to me I’m gonna shower first while your downstairs doing homework I will let you know when I’m done. (He just wanted to make sure he could get the ring safely into his pocket without me seeing) I had no idea so I said Ok.

I go up and get ready and we go to pick up my sister and my niece! On the way to the orchard he wouldn’t stop talking of course I didn’t think of anything until after he went on one knee and he was just extremely nervous! We pull up followed by my sister’s boyfriend, Chris! I told Frank I wanted to go look in the store to see if they had pumpkin bread so we both went in and roamed around.

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We got back in the car and headed down the street to the orchard. My sister and her family wanted pictures so I took some of them and then, of course, I wanted some which defiantly made it 10x easier for Frank. So as they’re snapping pictures I turned to the left to fix my hair and when I turned back around he was down on one knee asking me to marry him!

This was the best day of my entire life and I can’t wait to make more memories and start wedding planning! I was so happy they were there to witness this special moment in my life. Of course, afterward, we went to lunch at Yesterday’s and celebrated!

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Special Thanks

Tiffany Carr
 | Photographer